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  1. Hi
    I manage the band Syndicate who you have reviewed – THANKYOU. It is great to have support and have people loving the album as much as us!

    What I was going to suggest is to drop the current clip for All My Life into the review page instead of the acoustic live thing you have in there – it is a lot better – we are working on a full clip for My Confession.

    Cheers, and thankkyou again. We truly appreciate the support and kind words.

    Mark Spillane
    Managing Director

    AUS Cell +61 412 792 001
    USA Cell +1 310 425 6974
    Skype markspillaneaus
    Email mark@ardline.com
    Web http://www.ardline.com


    • randyr says:

      This video (the one you provided) was the obvious choice to accompany the review, but is “unavailable to view in your country”. Most of my readership is American, and I wanted to give them the opportunity to see and hear the band. I”ll keep my eyes peeled for anything new from the band that Sony Music wants to make available world-wide. Unless, of course, you felt the need to “grease the wheel”… 😉

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