Stray From The Path – Rising Sun (2011)

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Music

By Joey Soboson / Guest Reviewer

I’ll start this review by saying I’m very biased towards Stray From The Path. They are a band that got me through college and/or the past three years. Go listen to ‘Lucid Dreaming’ off their sophomore effort and tell me the hairs on your skinny lil’ arms don’t raise. Mine still do.

After the success of Make Your Own History in 2009 Stray From The Path would tour extensively – spanning over North America and Europe expanding their presence and fandom within the scene – creating quite the name for themselves. With high anticipation in the follow up they’d return to the studio and record Rising Sun which the band would themselves call a ‘darker’ record with the same amount of animosity, if not more, from their previous albums.

“The theme behind our last album, Make Your Own History, was our logo, the black flag with the lighthouse, trying to shine a light on this dark music scene.” states the band. “After the dark is the “Rising Sun”—[or] trying to bring a new day in this music scene where everything is about gimmicks, trends and characters.”

If that doesn’t give you a good image about what SFTP are about and what they’re trying to do, I don’t know what will. One of the few truly pissed and frenzy filled hardcore acts that play from themselves for themselves in hopes to enlighten others.

Like 2009’s Make Your Own History, Rising Sun is full of tales of personal and social struggles as well as critiques on society with heavy focus on the music scene itself. Like Make Your Own History, Rising Sun contains songs that are either upfront about their meaning or some remain subtle or personal. Then there are those tracks that have the fingers (usually middle) pointed, making it clear as fucking day. Fifth track off the album, “iMember” is essentially a ransom note of taking back the integrity of hardcore, if not music itself and demanding change. Let’s borrow some lines from the review/track summary review the band did with Alternative Press (full article here).

“Kids now-a-days can open any magazine, and nine times out of ten, they will land on some crazy neon colors or a band that looks like CATS the musical. And if they are new to the scene, they think that it’s normal.
… They write easy to listen to music, with lyrics that say nothing to spark the brain. These bands get so big because the majority of the people like easy, they don’t like to think; that’s just the world we live in. We feel that music was made to spark reaction, whatever it is, just something.”Tom Williams, guitarist

The closer to “iMember” comes from an interview with those one fucking fucks from Attack Attack! Who as we all know, I think fucking suck. If you feel the urge to watch the whole interview, you can do so here (h HYPERLINK “″ttp:// ).

It further establishes what STRAY is saying in the song. Another song with a obvious message comes on “Prey” which is in the same vein as “Damnien” from …History which continues the bands stance on using religion as a selling tool in music.

“You can believe in God and be a musician, but once you start selling God on a T-shirt to benefit the contents of your wallet, that’s when there is a problem.”Drew York, vocalist.

Backup vocals come from Corey Brandon, from Norma Jean who being Christian and respected in the music and religion scene adds extra weight to the emphasis of the issue.

I could go on for a while about the messages and stories behind the songs of STRAY, how members upbringings and struggles have a high influence all over their records. Hell, ex -embers still have a stake in songs on current record. However, I think you got what I’m trying to say here.

I should have opened up this review by saying I feared change with this album and went in hesitant, but luckily Stray From The Path have taken their success from their 2009 album and wrote an album for themselves. Still retaining their relentless fury and passion for the scene and music in itself, I already consider this one of my favorite albums for 2011 if not rolling into 2012.

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01 – Rising Sun
02 – Death Beds
03 – Mad Girl
04 – Bring It Back To The Streets
05 – iMember
06 – Dead Rabbits
07 – Prey
08 – Center Of Attention
09 – The Laughing Man
10 – The Escape Artist
11 – Crashing Down

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