Anterior – Echoes Of The Fallen (2011)

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Music

One of 2007’s best metal albums was Anterior’s This Age of Silence, which came in under the radar without much advertisement, kicked our asses, and then disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Even though they are from Wales, their sound would make you think they were part of the mighty metalcore family that resides in the northwestern United States. The map coordinates aren’t the only thing that differentiates the band from acts such as Unearth, All That Remains, and Shadows Fall. The fact is they are a little bit better than any of their Massachusetts bretheren.

The vocals are a bit more intense, the songwriting a little tighter, and the musicianship a bit more proficient than just about anyone else in the scene. If you think I’m crazy, wait until you here the band’s latest effort – Echoes Of The Fallen. It’s deja vu as far as the release is concerned. Little fanfare is leading up to this release (just like last time) and the album is absolutely killer (just like last time.)

Most metalcore albums these days are looking for that one trick – that one change, if you will, to freshen up their sound and make it stand out from the crowd. Some implement clean vocals and softer arrangements. Others add orchestral backings, keyboards, or make a “concept” album. But Anterior will have none of that – they just excel at making masterful metalcore with no bullshit involved. This type of music doesn’t need a magic show to keep you interested, as long as it’s played well – and that’s exactly what is on display here.

The entire album plays out into one continuing, bone-crushing affair. All the necessary elements are here. Luke Davies’ vocals are near-growled and furious, James Cook’s drums pulverize your brain with double-pedal blast beats, and the bass of James Britton buries itself so deep in your stomach you can barely breath. Clearing the path for the rest of the band, however, is the double-machete guitar tandem of Leon Kemp and Steven Nixon. The duo pass the baton back and forth throughout all ten tracks of the album, and frankly their cohesiveness and dexterity is unmatched.

We usually dissect albums from track to track, but there is no need for it this time around. Each track is as good as the next, and there isn’t anything that even came close to drawing criticism. I loved the whole album, but if someone put a gun to my head and made me pick a standout track or two, I’d probably mention “Of Gods and Men” (due to the absolutely perfect drumming) and “The Evangelist” (merely because the guitars were a little more complex here than on other tracks.) But trust me when I tell you this whole album is as powerful and heavy as it gets.

If you’re not the trusting type, the entire album is currently streaming here on Metal Blade Records Soundcloud, which will release the disc September 13, 2011.

For all you meat-and-potatoes metalcore fans, this is one meal you won’t want to skip. There’s no salad, garnish or sorbet here – just a healthy serving of beefy, thick-cut traditional metalcore that will have you licking the plate clean. And that’s satisfaction…


01. To Live Not Remain
02. Blood In The Throne Room
03. Tyranny
04. Of Gods And Men
05. By Horror Haunted
06. Echoes Of The Fallen
07. The Evangelist
08. Sleep Soundly No More
09. Venomous
10. Senora De Las Sombras

Pre-Oder Here: at Amazon

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