I Am Abomination – Passion of the Heist (2011)

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Authored by J-S.O.B.

Hi, I’m the resident new guy around here. I’ve known the owner of this blog forever – according to internet time. It’s my fault he got into this ‘blogging’ thing and now that he’s made something of himself due to it, I’m cutting in to get my share (paid in lulz). 
I’m not musically inclined or savvy of the “who-what-when” so you’ll find I learn stuff as I Google it, or use really odd terms that are usually incorrect. BUT HEY! (editor’s note: HEY! = Fuck It!)

I Am Abomination come from Michigan who have chalked up two previous releases and this EP stands to be their ‘break out’ to the ‘BIG TIME’. So why not use a concept album about aliens to do so…

I however see a trend that this band seems to be a part of. I believe the current state of ‘metal’ as the broskis pound out on their way to X-Sport (or the mall) is a bastardized amalgamation of tech/prog, post-hardcore and a pirated copy of Fruity Loops. Throw in enough blast beats, ‘high octane’ riffs & pick solos and some electronic bleeps and bloops for good measure an you have an idea of this current trend. Bad examples are Attack Attack! who try to push the metal aspect but fall on their faces with the over-doing of synths and duo-vocals. Plus they look goofy.

A good example is Periphery, who can actually play their instruments and only need one vocalist who naturally has a broad range.
Really I’m attacking the current state of music, or what’s ‘hip with the kids’ today.

It sounds like I’m suggesting I Am Abomination is dumbed down technical-prog (whichever you wanna go with) act with ‘electronic’ elements. You would be correct about all of the above except the dumbed down part. As a ‘metal man’ I’ve seen many a butt-rages enduced over the battle of ‘over-wank’ when it comes to anything ‘technical’ and I find that bands like this and run the line that gives them appeal to both sides of the argument.

But, Ted? What else is there to this band that I’d enjoy?
As said before the band infuses electronic elements such as vocal bleeps and blips and drop-outs to add that extra ‘oomph’ to the break downs. They do so sparingly though, never abusing vocal effects to take vocalist Phil Druyo out of range or reality.

Speaking of bleeps and blips, let’s talk vocals for a second. While ‘clean’ seems to be the bands emphasis there are some moments I feel like I’m listening to heavier Fall Out Boy. Not knocking the FOB (I’m a closet fan, closet lotta things.. hey-o!) but every now and then I’d really dig a good growl or maybe just a yell. A little something. 

Did I mention there’s a trumpet? A FUCKING TRUMPET. Least I’m pretty sure tha’ts a trumpet on “Examination”, I’m not a master of the brass instruments (just woodwinds, HOHO DICK JOKES). So while the band may not be the heaviest thing to hit the scene they make up for it with creative additions to their sound that keep them close to a pack of similar acts, but give them their own breathing space with what I hope reason to further expand and distance themself from affiliated acts.

Also if they never do a cover like ‘Down’ again, we’ll all be better for it.

I don’t do ‘scores’ .. so I’ll just say “thumbs up”

01 – Vivification
02 – Abduction
03 – Examination
04 – Transformation
05 – Ascension (Feat. Caleb Shomo)
06 – Invasion


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