Re-Cut (2010)

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Movies

Modern-day independent horror films pretty much started with The Blair Witch Project, so it’s little surprise when a new “documentary” type of movie pops up from time to time. They all follow the same formula: shaky cameras, tense framing, and usually a terrifying ending to the tale. The latest incident of this nature is 2010’s Re-Cut, directed by Fritz Manger. Part Blair Witch, Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and part snuff film, the movie centers around the death of two twin girls in rural Wisconsin.

Most of “Re-Cut” was filmed on location in Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin, incorporating the cornfields and farmhouses into his horror film. After spending an hour-and-a-half tonight with my heart pounding and my adrenaline levels spiking, I must say that I will not be driving through Wisconsin late at night any time soon. As a former midwest resident, there are plenty of rural farms and warehouses where I thought, “Man, this would be a GREAT place to shoot a horror film.” Apparently so did Manger, as this unheard of film was just that – great.

East Coast filmmakers Adam and David borrow an uncle’s van to drive to Wisconsin to shoot a documentary about reality star Meredith Phillips (playing herself, an actual reality TV star), who has returned to reporting for the local news in Wisconsin after appearing on “The Bachelorette.” Once they meet Meredith, she changes her mind and decides she will not take part in their documentary, but after being assigned to cover a grisly double murder of two little girls, she recruits Adam and David to work as her crew in exchange for providing footage for their documentary. While investigating the murder, the trio stumble upon a secret that may have been the motive for the murders in the first place. Their snooping of a suspect’s’ farmhouse eventually leads to a terrifying night they will never forget in small town Wisconsin.

Re-Cut is compiled from footage from several cameras (some black and white, some color, some high-def), giving it a realistic feel, which compliments the premise that the entire film is supposed to be a documentary. Interspersed throughout are cryptic scenes of violence, including a blood-filled burlap sack and shots of the killer in a warehouse. The idea is that someone ended up with the crew’s documentary footage and was splicing in (or re-cutting) the footage with their own videos of the lives of the original victims, as well as several scenes of grisly murder. Manger incredibly manages to keep a relatively high level of suspense throughout the whole film, adding just enough shocking moments to keep the audience consistently on the edges of their seats.

While on the surface it may seem like something done one time too many, Re-Cut is actually in a class of it’s own. It was intense, entertaining, and cerebral all at once, and has actually shot a breath of fresh air into the whole “camcorder” genre of independent horror. The Nutwork saves it’s perfect ratings for very rare instances of genre-defining films.

This is one of them – 10/10.

IMDB: Here | Buy: Amazon UK


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