Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy (2011)

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Music

Rap-metal has long been dead. Bands that carried the torch for the genre many years are either long gone or have changed their sound to one that no longer resembles anything scene-related. Limp Bizkit? Fred Durst is the modern-day Axel Rose when it comes to promising a new album – all talk, no substance. Linkin Park? Maybe the best rap-metal band now delves into more of an alternative/electric sound. P.O.D.? Haven’t been heard from in years.

There is one band that has been trying to revive the scene. Hollywood Undead are on the verge of dropping their second full-length release on us April 5th (originally scheduled for a March 15th release date.) The band’s last release, 2008’s Swan Song, was met with commercial success, but a bit of a mixed result from the critics and media. The band has a unique sound, mixing true rap with metal guitar riffs and some Backstreet-Boys-style singing here and there. It is far more rap than metal, but it seemed to attract a fanbase from both circles. The band toured with both rap and metal acts the last three years (most recently with Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour) to – again – mixed results.

The problem I have with this band (besides the stupid donning of identity-hiding masks), is that they are lying to us all. They are a rap act. Nothing more and nothing less. Throwing a chunky guitar riff on top of a rap album still makes it a rap album. It harbors far more to Eminem than it does Metallica – and if you are okay with that, then you will probably enjoy American Tragedy.

For me, I had to check and make sure I wasn’t missing something on the metal scene – and I’m not. But for those of you that want something to pump through your car stereo speakers this summer that has a little more edge than “Baby Got Back”, this will do nicely.

1. Been To Hell
2. Apologize
3. Comin’ In Hot
4. My Town
5. I Dont Wanna Die
6. Hear Me Now
7. Gangsta Sexy
8. Glory
9. Lights Out
10. Coming Back Down
11. Bullet
12. Levitate
13. Pour Me
14. Tendencies
15. Mother Murder
16. Lump Your Head
17. Le Deux


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