Siren (2011)

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Movies

Another day. Another unheard of horror film.

Lions Gate has been, in the past, a substantial source of direct to video horror titles. And while the number of these films has somewhat fallen off in recent months, it’s good to see they’re still trying to keep up the trend. And that’s what we’ll be tackling today with Siren.

Siren follows a group of friends who’ve set off on a boating adventure that starts to go badly wrong when they try to rescue a girl who’s waving for help on an island off the coast of where they’re doing their boating. This young lady is pretty much everything a guy could want to run into on a secluded island…the problem, of course, is that she’s also a lot more than any guy would want to run into. And we’ll all find out just how much more when the group of friends starts abruptly dying off. Now the group will have to risk it all to get off the island in one piece.

And yes, before you start wondering, this is a modern-era psuedo-monster movie retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey. This actually makes it just a bit more endearing, to see what they do with one of the great literary classics of Western literature by putting it in a setting better suited for direct to video horror.

The interesting thing about Siren is that it’s actually a lot more subtle than you might expect. This doesn’t turn into some kind of SyFy monster movie slop – this actually works more like a series of ends playing against the middle, and it’s fairly interesting. We don’t even really know just what’s going on for most of the first hour of the movie, though we can make some reasonable inferences and it will turn out that most of these inferences aren’t too far off from the truth.

Even up until the last few minutes, it’s going to stay pretty subtle, with some interesting mind games going on, and that keeps this one in the level of the, at least as far as direct to video horror film goes, fairly cerebral.

The Nutwork gives Lions Gate a real tip of the hat in terms of effort for Siren, which will garner it an eight out of ten. It’s not quite scary enough to really get the top marks, but it will make the effort to be at least somewhat original, and frankly, I call that pretty good.

IMDB: Here | Download (AVI): Here


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