Jack Falls (2010)

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Movies

Jack Falls is the third film in a series of neo-noir crime thrillers (trilogy). This title releases in the United Kingdom March 21st, with a North American release unannounced (making this a Nutwork Premiere for most of you). This is Paul Tanter’s first time behind the lens and his adaptation of his own graphic novels is best in this third film. However, Jack Falls never rises above the cliches of the criminal underworld and the characters therein e.g. the femme fatale, the criminal overlord.

While viewing of the first two films is completely unnecessary, one must know that Jack, played by Simon Phillips, transitions into this third film with a near mortal bullet wound seved up in the second film. Consort Natasha (Olivia Hallinan) saves his life, with some persistence. Soon, Jack is on the track of those who tried to end his life (which offers enough flashback and review from the first two movies to pull the story to you). The following is a shallow mystery, that reveals a former colleague and officer as the instigator of nefarious deeds. Jack has his revenge, while the ending promises ever more in the series.

The visual style of directors Paul Tanter and Dominic Burns is cool – and very similar to the 2005 picture Sin City. Jack Falls is primarily shown in high contrast black and whites, with occasional flashes of color added for ambiguous effect. There are no problems with the production of the feature, but the story is much like a been-here-done-that sort of style.

The genre of crime thriller is almost the only genre of British films that I can stomach these days. If it is not Bonded by Blood, or Shank, then it is Jack Falls. There seems to be a fascination with the criminal underworld in England, as this genre repeats itself often.

In Jack Falls, you even have the same actors from some of the films mentioned above reappearing, including: rap artist Adam Deacon (Shank), and Tamer Hassan (Bonded by Blood). Jack Falls is not as apocalyptic as Shank, nor as poorly realized as Bonded by Blood. However, the film does not break any new ground. Likely, this is due to the genre, neo-noir. This is a genre rarely utilized and this is also a genre that is strict in structure e.g. protagonists with amnesia, double-crossing seductive women. So, the results are similar to the detective mysteries of previous years (middle 19th Century to later).

Jack Falls is for those who are interested in crime and its consequences. Apparently, this is a number of you, as there are multitudes of films in this genre, not to mention the flooding of network television shows based on the same premise. This film is suave, well-filmed, and a great watch for fans of this style.


IMDB: Here | Download (AVI): Here


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