Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers (2011)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Music

After sippin’ a 40 (3 1/2 Bud Lights, actually – you do the math) and listening to the new Snoop Dogg, it got me thinking. Rap and hip-hop is obviously a big deal, whether I like it or not, so maybe opening my mind a little more to it wouldn’t be a bad thing (don’t worry fellow metal heads – this will be a short term issue.) A buddy of mind informed me that an up and coming artist Wiz Khalifa was about to “drop” a new album called Rolling Papers – and guess what – it was out there for us.

Allhiphop.com seemed pretty legit after milling around their site, and here’s their breakdown of the new disc.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa sat down with AllHipHop.com to discuss his career, his new album and his plans for the future.

Wiz, who recently landed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, is prepping the release of his major label debut Rolling Papers, which is due in stores this month.

The rapper is putting the final touches on Rolling Papers and recently put the finishing touches on the video for “Roll Up,” which is also the lead single from Wiz’ highly anticipated debut.

“This album means a lot to me,” Wiz Khalifa explained to AllHipHop.com. “So, as far as expectations, of course I want it to sell good and I want people to receive it well, but also I just want people to know that it’s all about growth and development. So, as long as people get to hear it, and see where I’ve come from and get an idea of where I’m going, I feel like “mission accomplished.”

The track list for Rolling Papers hit the Internet this week, along with several leaked singles from the album, which features guests appearances from Too $hort, Curren$y and Chevy Woods.

According to Wiz, Rolling Papers will prove his versatility as an emcee and the progress he’s made lyrically since the release of 2006’s Show and Prove and 2009’s Deal or No Deal.

“A lot of people might just get to the surface of it,” Wiz told AllHipHop.com.” But anybody who is interested enough to try to find out exactly what I do and understand why my fans are as serious as they are, I invite them to fully be a part of the whole movement and experience it and have as much fun as everybody’s been having.”

Wiz Khalifa’s album W is due in stores on March 29th.


Sounds ambitious enough, and it wasn’t a bad listen. Check the links below and feel free to comment to (and educate) this author.

01. When I’m Gone (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
02. On My Level Ft. Too $hort (Produced By Jim Jonsin)
03. Black And Yellow (Produced By Stargate)
04. Roll Up (Produced By Stargate)
05. Hopes And Dreams (Produced By Brandon Carrier)
06. Wake Up (Produced By Stargate)
07. The Race (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
08. Star Of The Show Ft. Chevy Woods (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
09. No Sleep (Produced By Benny Blanco)
10. Get Your Shit (Produced By E. Dan)
11. Top Floor (Produced By Pop Wansel)
12. Fly Solo (Produced By E. Dan)
13. Rooftops Ft. Curren$y (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
14. Cameras (Produced By E. Dan)

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (214bps): Link


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