Straight Line Stitch – The Fight of Our Lives (2011)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Music

I don’t have a lot of experience with this Straight Line Stitch. Apparently this new release is gathering some momentum leading up to it’s March 29th release date, and I know they will be performing all summer on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival alongside Megadeth, In Flames, Trivium, Disturbed and others. With all the hype surrounding this release, I thought I’d get it out there for you as quick as possible, so we are going to let the band’s writer’s tell you about them more than my opinion.

MySpace Bio –

Heavy metal and hard rock fans are a fickle and discerning bunch. Bands that attempt to make a career for themselves by trend jumping with half-hearted devotion do not last. Straight Line Stitch has been steadily ascending the ranks of metal and hard rock through authentic and impassioned performances, an organic evolution of their writing and recording, and a tried and true road warrior mentality towards touring. The band defined who they were early on in their career and held steadfast to their beliefs while making the natural progressions and growth of a committed touring band. While being genuine at the core of a band’s being is an absolute necessity for credibility and longevity, it gets you nowhere fast if the songs do not matter. The SLS sound is commanding and universal, engaging casual fans of hard rock and satiating the most stringent fans of metal. The tenacious musicianship is on full display upon first listen, quickly establishing the virtue of the players. The balance between aggressive punch and highly charged hook goes a long way to explaining the wide and diverse range of devoted SLS loyalists. Whether sharing the stage with the titans of metal like Slayer, or playing a coveted slot at the Punk driven Warped Tour, Straight Line Stitch captivates and levels all in attendance. Vocalist Alexis Brown is a blazing persona that demands the attention of a room. Throughout their songs, Alexis navigates a seamless shift from harrowing screams to heartfelt melody that adds depth and sincerity to their music. Her clean vocal parts never take a back seat to the punishing screams, as they are sung with an assertive power and spirit that soar mightily.

Straight Line Stitch’s decision to never waiver from their mission or jump onto the scene’s hot trend had reaped them early rewards. Supporters of metal and hard rock profoundly embraced their sound and style. The band’s peers in the industry took note as well, resulting in bigger and better opportunities coming their way. They had a chance encounter with Dale “Rage” Resteghini, owner of Raging Nation Films, through Rage’s wife Kim. Rage has directed and produced a multitude of seminal music videos for some of the elite in the industry like Fall Out Boy, Lil Wayne, and Hatebreed. In order to raise awareness surrounding Straight Line Stitch and ultimately get them signed, Dale decided to produce and direct the standout video “Remission”, off of the band’s self-released The Word Made Flesh. It was the founding of a relationship that would pay big dividends for the band. Straight Line Stitch would go on to be the very first signing of Raging Nation Records, Dale’s own record label, which is an imprint of E1 (formerly Kotch records). The band secluded themselves in a remote town and endured grueling sessions to record their Raging Nation Records debut, When Skies Wash Ashore. The band featured videos off of the album like “Black Veil” and “What You Do To Me”, which provided the perfect visual complement to the widely touted and commercially successful album. Iconic metal stalwart Jamey Jasta, front man for Hatebreed, lent his voice to the track “Taste of Ashes”, providing the perfect hell-bent complement to Alexis’ vocals. It was in support of this album that the band saw their touring and resulting audiences grow bigger and better, like the “Bound by the Road” tour with Napalm Death, DevilDriver, and 36 Crazyfist. The band also became a thriving headlining act around this time, completing several successful tours since the album’s release.

The future is boundless and burning bright for Straight Line Stitch. Recognizing this upward trajectory that the band is on, Rage Resteghini brought Good Fight Entertainment (Cannibal Corpse / Children of Bodom) into the fold for co-management, thus firming up the team surrounding the band. The band also recently recorded a brand new studio album titled: The Fight Of Our Lives. They were joined during the writing and recording process by Johnny K., a renowned artist, producer, and engineer. He has been at the helm of some of the most celebrated and triumphant releases in rock and metal with bands like Disturbed and 3 Doors Down. The end result of their sessions is a monumental testament to the growth and development of the band’s signature sound. The album will also be the perfect platform, to launch the band back out on the road. They are set to embark on their most comprehensive and high profile touring plans to date. While Straight Line Stitch has achieved some remarkable feats in their storied career, they are poised for an explosive next chapter. With The Fight Of Our Lives set to be unveiled in the spring of 2011 along with their subsequent touring, Straight Line Stitch shall secure their rightful place amongst the forerunners of metal.

The Nutwork lo-down –

This isn’t a bad album, but it’s not great either. It feels like the band is struggling between two unique sounds – one being the melodic, rock-influenced sound and the other more of a brutal metalcore sound. When performing the former, they are decent. When attempting the latter, they are all too familiar and seem to try to hard to be metal. When they combine the two, it is with hit-and-miss results: some good and others disastrous. The band reminds me a lot of In This Moment, but frankly if I had a choice between listening to SLS or ITM, In This Moment wins in a landslide. If you are in to the softer side of metalcore, this may be the album of the year for you. For me, it was an average listen, and probably soon to be forgotten. 4.5/10

01 Tear Down The Sky
02 Conversion
03 Laughing In The Rearview
04 Cold Front
05 No Tomorrow
06 Bar Room Brawl
07 One Reason
08 Never Surrender
09 Living Dead
10 Sound Of Silence
11 Ashes In The Wind

MySpace: Link | Download (192kbps): Link


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