Snoop Dogg – Doggumentary (2011)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Music

As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of rap music, but I’m going to stretch out a little from the norm here. You can’t discount Snoop Dogg’s impact on the world of rap over the last 15 years. From a virtual nobody that got a guest spot on an early Dr. Dre album to the international uber-star he is today – Snoop obviously has some game in the scene, and his new release, Doggumentary, is bound to be pumping from the windows of Escalades all summer long. It wouldn’t be fair for me to give this a review – although I actually really like it – so I will default, once again, to someone with a better finger on the pulse of the rap scene. Here’s Artist Direct’s take on the new CD…

Superstar entertainer and multi-platinum rap artist Snoop Dogg is gearing up for his 11th studio album in as many years, Doggumentary , due out late March 2011 courtesy of Priority Records/EMI. Welcome back, Dogg.

But Snoop ain’t waiting until March to kick into promotional gear for the record. In honor of the holiday season, Snoop has released “New Year’s Eve,” which is now available on iTunes. Produced by Scoop DeVille, who also produced Snoop’s mega-hit “I Wanna Rock,” the song features newcomer Marty James, one of the hottest up and coming singer/songwriters in Los Angeles.

Snoop said in a statement: “I have been in the game for so long and still have the same passion I did when I first started. I want my fans to ride with me on this one and know that I am so focused on bringing good music to them. It’s called Doggumentary because this is my life and I want to share my music, and my process of making it, with the fans.”

In an effort to do just that, Snoop has decided to “doggument” his musical process online via his social networking platforms and go live on Ustream at particular moments up until the album is released. These live sessions will give fans a peek into the making of the album; whether it is a studio session with Snoop, him playing cuts from the album or one of Snoop’s key producers talking about the making of the album, viewers will get a glimpse into the creation of Doggumentary Music.

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