Iron Maiden – From Fear To Eternity (2011)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Music

Since their inception in 1975 (gulp), Iron Maiden has been synonymous with heavy metal over the past 35 years. Led by one of the most grandiose frontmen ever to wear the spiked leather jackets, Maiden and Bruce Dickinson have released 15 albums over their career – solo albums not included. There have been a myriad of “greatest hits” released both domestically and overseas, but not until 2009’s collection ‘Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980 – 1989,’ did we see any organization to a deep and historic catalogue of metal anthems.

From Fear to Eternity – The Best of 1990-2010 is the latest, and most interesting, collection of tracks from the band. What makes it most interesting is that after the release of 1992’s Fear of the Dark, Dickinson actually left the band citing creative differences. Bassist Steve Harris (the only emmber of the band to appear on every album) pressed on with the band and released two Iron Maiden albums with new singer Blaze BayleyThe X-Factor and Virtual XI. Without Dickinson, however, the legions of fans began to disappear.

Disappointing sales of those albums prompted the return of Dickinson in 2000, and the ‘Brave New World’ release. The fans came back in drones, and honestly, Iron Maiden quickly recaptured their throne as the king’s of metal with some of their best songs to date. The quick hiccup that was 2003’s ‘Dance of Death’ (which was duly forgettable) led to 2006’s epic ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, which charted in the top five of every major country’s music poll. Kerrang Magazine hailed it as the best record of 2006, and the album propelled the band to new heights in record sales and tour attendance.

2010 saw the release of Iron Maiden’s most successful album ever – The Final Frontier. Critics adored it, fans loved it, and concertgoers ate it alive. Much of the album was previewed on their 2009/2010 tour, which was brought to film in the form of Flight 666, a fantastic biopic on the band and their tour. This collection of songs will have to carry us over until early 2013, which is the tentatively scheduled release date for Iron Maiden’s as-of-yet untitled 16th studio album. But don’t worry, when it’s ready, the Nutwork will bring it to you in all its metal glory.

From Fear To Eternity, heavy on the Dickinson stuff, but not completely ignoring the Blaze-era, hits stores on May 23rd.

Disc One
‘The Wicker Man’
‘Holy Smoke ‘
‘El Dorado’
‘Paschendale ‘
‘Different World’
‘Man On The Edge’ (live)
‘The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg ‘
‘Blood Brothers ‘
‘Rainmaker ‘
‘Sign Of The Cross’ (live)
‘Brave New World’
‘Fear Of The Dark’ (live)

Disc Two
‘Be Quick Or Be Dead’
‘Tailgunner ‘
‘No More Lies ‘
‘Coming Home’
‘The Clansman’ (live)
‘For The Greater Good Of God ‘
‘These Colours Don’t Run ‘
‘Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter’
‘Afraid To Shoot Strangers ‘
‘Dance Of Death ‘
‘When The Wild Wind Blows’

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