Ragdolls – Dead Girls Don’t Say No (2011)

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Music

Many years ago, artists such as The Misfits and Alice Cooper were generating a brand of horror rock/punk that shocked the music community. While it was never truly embraced by the mainstream, the sound has continued to thrive in the underbelly of the music world. Bands such as Samhain, Wednesday 13, Murder City Devils and others have continued making music over the last 20 years under the banner of horror punk. Lately, the scene has attempted another push into the mainstream. Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13’s side project The Murderdolls (previously reviewed on the Nutwork) have had some unexpected success of late – and following their footsteps comes Sweden’s Ragdolls and their new release “Dead Girls Don’t Say No.”

Back in 2007, Ragdoll frontman Vikki Violence had enough of all the boring hardcore/emo/metalmusic that was going on in his small hometown Varberg, Sweden. He wanted to create something new, mix old stuff with new stuff, shock people with twested lyrics and weird stage behavior.The band’s original members from this time were: Vikki Violence on guitar and vocal, Dr. Kratz on bass and Drae Toxx on drums. The band did more gigs all around the Sweden, wrote a couple of songs and recorded a demo named (short and simple) “Ragdolls”. One song they wrote for a band contest was “All Emo Kids Must Die”, which immediately became an underground classic anthem.

Early in 2008, the band split up due to personal problems and lack of time. Vikki wanted to keep on writting music – but none of original members wanted to re-unite the band. Vikki kept on writting and one day met Chx at a party at a friends house. They talked about Ragdolls and Chx really wanted to be a part of it, he wanted to do the same thing as Vikki was doing. They discussed it all over sometime and in the summer of 2009 they recorded a seven track EP “Drink, Dig, Die” and released it without a label digitally.

Later on in the fall, an old childhood friend Damaged L had just quit another band and was looking for a new gig. He called Vikki – after hearing the EP – and asked if he could be a part of the band. In winter 2009 they found their drummer, an unknown talent named Broken Bridget. After auditions and introductions, the Ragdolls now had a full line-up again. Inspired by the horror punk sound, and all eager to get an album out, the recording process of the album began, resulting in this release.

The sound is familiar and the themes surround the usual genre topics: grave robbing, necromania, suicide, etc. In fact, at times you would think they are a Murderdolls cover-band. That’s forgivable, simply because horror punk really all sounds the same. While the Ragdools really don’t bring anything extraordinary or new to the table, it is nice to know that new bands are sprouting up to carry the horror punk torch. Somewhere the Misfits are smiling – and probably planning a big reunion tour.


01. One Foot in the Grave
02. Beautiful Homicide
03. Halloween Night
04. Shut Up and Drink
05. Shovels
06. Gravediggers Dance
07. Michelle
08. I’m a Werewolf
09. Hourse of Horror
10. Dead like Me
11. Grusome for Some

MySpace: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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