Insane (2011)

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Movies

First of all, those who read my reviews know that I usually tend to look at the better qualities of a movie and not get bogged down on slamming it or trying to sound like an “armchair expert” spouting spoilers left and right which only makes one sound pretentious – and especially stupid when the movie just goes over these pseudo-intellectuals heads. A good chunk of what you’ll find here on The Social Nutwork is independent, strange, bizarre, or underground films. Sure, I’ll fire off a blockbuster or two along the way, but my main intent is to introduce you to unknown films. It’s with that in mind that I bring you the Swedish horror film “Insane.”

Insane is the latest in an all-too-familiar movie premise of “getting lost/taking shelter with strangers/getting killed.” It’s a traditional B-movie script, acted out by the mandatory no-name performers and produced by the typical no-name producers (in this case, Swedish filmmakers Anders Jacobsson and Tomas Sandquist.)

I am going to start off saying the movie isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t that great either. It kind of rides the middle. The Hotel that the movie was shot in was pretty creepy and a great place for a horror movie, but the 80’s decor makes it all kind of distracting and you wonder why they didn’t put a little more into the background to make the place a little more menacing. Also, I don’t know if its bad acting or bad accents (the Swedish actors/actresses are speaking English throughout), but its noticeably bothersome at times. Again, usually I couldn’t care less about stuff like bad acting as long as the movie works, I mean it is definitely a B-movie, but there is just too many little things in this movie that make it bad in a bad way.

Being the horror movie expert I am (or so I like to think), I have to say that the movie doesn’t ‘totally’ fail for genre fans like myself. My chief complaint is that I think the script just needed a few more characters (like maybe a cook, and a janitor) to add some mystery to the movie to keep us guessing about the killer. That would have at least created a little pensiveness – especially because this movie doesn’t use a lot of gore, and tries to scare us using a more cerebral methodology.

Don’t get me wrong – there are a couple gory shots that work, but its just not enough to save this movie. I’m hoping this honest review (which mirrors sentiment to other reviews I have read) doesn’t deflect the director/writer from making more movies because the script definitely had potential to be so much more. In reality, for being an honest, independent effort I give it 6 out of 10. Not great by any means, but better than many other offerings I’ve seen lately (with, mind you, much better bankrolls and better caliber actors). It’s not the worst movie ever, but unfortunately just an “ok” movie that could’ve been better had they put more thought and care into it.

Fans of the genre will appreciate it’s dedication to the familiar concept, and there are a few jolting moments along the way – but this is really a middle-of-the-road offering. If you haven’t watched a movie of this sorts in a while, it would probably be worth your time – but if the majority of your movie-watching involves films of this nature, I’d take a pass on Insane.

IMDB: Here | Download (AVI): Link


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