Born of Osiris – The Discovery (2011)

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Music

Ok, folks. Enough of the Britney Spears and Panic! At The Disco stuff for a while. Metal is what pumps my blood and owns my iPod, so lets get back to doing what I know best. Reviewing kick-ass metal albums.

Born of Osiris is from Palatine, Illinois, so they already get a gold banana sticker for being from the midwest (where yours truly was raised.) They are defined as deathcore – which should mean the combination of hardcore (think Agnostic Front) with unadulterated death metal (think Deicide.) While the classification doesn’t quite fit, I have always enjoyed this band.

Filled with chest-pounding breakdowns and incredibly technical syncopation, The Discovery just may be the ticket to recognition for these guys. Critic reviews of thie last album, A Higher Place, was mixed, but seemed to appeal to the masses in the metal community. The Discovery takes all the good of that album and steps it up a notch.

From the very get-go, this album does everything to knock you off your feet, and – for the most part – succeeds. The album opens with “Follow the Signs,” which is the perfect opening to the next hour of brutality. The next three songs are perfect – technical structure, bombastic drums, intricate guitars – and set the tone for what is obviously the bands best work to date.

Are there slip-ups? Of course. The sound feels a little forced on “Two Worlds of Design” and “Dissimilation,” but it’s barely a hiccup on what is otherwise an amazing release.

Fans will get their chance to see Born of Osiris in all their glory this Spring/Summer, as the band will be co-headlining the Atticus Metal Tour with Darkest Hour, with several other bands along for support. Check this band out, and if you get the chance see them live. Their talent and brutality carries over well on stage, and are definitely worth the price of admission.

1. Follow The Signs 3:50
2. Singularity 3:33
3. Ascension 2:27
4. Devastate 4:35
5. Recreate 4:00
6. Two Worlds Of Design 3:13
7. A Solution 2:07
8. Shaping The Masterpiece 4:39
9. Dissimulation 2:47
10. Automatic Motion 2:42
11. The Omniscient 2:09
12. Last Straw 4:00
13. Regenerate 5:06
14. XIV 1:52
15. Behold 5:50

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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