The Blessings – Tomahawk Drive (2011)

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Music

Rock revival has been happening for a year or two now, but it’s not until now until that I’ve found the perfect band of the genre.

The Blessings are not a clone of hair metal, nor are they emulating the AC/DC sound. The sound of their second album “Tomahawk Drive” has all the elements that will make you want to unlatch the T-tops on your ’76 Camaro (don’t feel bad, I don’t have one either) and crank the stereo to 11.

It’s infecting. It’s unadulterated rock and roll, plain and simple. It has a dash of everything we like about music. A little Black Crowes, a touch of The Clash, a dash of Clarence Clemons, and a sprinkle of The London Quireboys (fuck, I’m old). Throw it into a Bob Dylan cauldron and cook until hot as hell and let Hank Williams, Jr. take a taste. There are so many obvious influences, that I’m pretty sure this is just great music and not a copycat project. It has all the sparkle and shine of what used to make music great. Toe-tapping beats, beautiful guitars, and an 8-track feel that hasn’t been done right in decades.

The lyrics are smart, while remaining light and harmonious. The occasional saxophone and harmonica reminds you that you aren’t listening to some overproduced 21st century bullshit. This is dirty, this is sleazy. This is perfect.

These rock and roll gypsies first hit the scene in 2008 with their raw, explosive, fabulous CD “Bare Bones”. Four years of club gigs and barbecues have given the group a chance to sharpen their teeth, as this new release showcases the talent of four southern-fried renaissance rockers ready to change the face of the scene. This release is as solid as it gets. I dare you to not find at least a song or two that will make you nod you head and think “this is the perfect rock and roll song.”

Kudos to The Blessings. This was one of the better records I’ve listened to in a very, very long time. And I was almost ready to give up hope…

1 She Thinks She Loves Me
2 Never Too Late
3 Who’s Holding The Wheel
4 So Hard To Be Your Friend
5 Yesterday’s Tears
6 Twisted Little Heart
7 Tomahawk Inn8 Time On My Hands
9 Meet Me After Midnight
10 Hypnotic Joyride
11 Shufflin’ Fool
12 Leavin’
13 The Truth
14 Can’t Shake The Devil

MySpace: Link | Band’s Offical Site: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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