Trust Company – Dreaming In Black and White (2011)

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Music

Formed in 1997 in Montgomery, Alabama, TRUSTCompany have seen the many peaks and valleys of the music business. Previously signed to Geffen Records, the band has sold over 700,000 albums to date with hit singles such as “Downfall” in 2002 and “Stronger” in 2005. Extensive airplay on MTV for “Downfall” and continuous touring with bands like KORN, PAPA ROACH and DISTURBED earned the band an especially rabid following.

In 2005 the band went on hiatus, “It just stopped being exciting. We had to get away from the big machine for a while” says drummer Jason Singleton. After a few years, time had finally allowed the band to fall back in love with the reason they played music in the first place. “When we finally got back together – which just started with an email asking if we wanted to jam – we let our wounds heal. It had us focus on the music without any expectations. We started having fun again, and that was all the expectation we wanted. We played for ourselves. It was the same feeling that it was back in the good old days,” explains front man Kevin Palmer.

TRUSTCompany wants their fans to know they’re back. Returning guitarist James Fukai explains the feeling in one word, “In one word, ENERGIZED. I feel energized from this record. In December of 08′, I wrote my goals down for the future. First on the list, “write a third record with Trust Company.” In many ways, the process has been long and taxing, but we made a record that is really special to us”. Singleton concludes, “We are thrilled to be on a label that let us make the record we wanted to make. We were very excited about the material we had written and the energy it projects. The band is in a very positive place and surrounded by great people that are just excited as we are. I feel this has led us to make the best Trust Company record we have ever made.”

Sounds believable enough – but the proof is in the listen. Dreaming In Black and White finds a steady middle-ground between alternative rock and hard-hitiing rock n’ roll, TRUSTCompany is poised to have a big year with this release. It has a nice ebb and flow between the ever-dangerous radio ballads and the hard punching arena rockers. There’s something for everyone on this disc, and while I wish it hit a little bit harder, there is no doubt that TRUSTCompany is back and stronger than ever…

01 – Close Your Eyes (Til It’s Over)
02 – Heart In My Hands
03 – Almost There
04 – Stumbling
05 – Reverse & Remember
06 – Pulling You Down
07 – Alone Again
08 – Dreaming In Black & White
09 – Letting Go
10 – Skies Will Burn
11 – We Are the Ones
12 – Don’t Say Goodbye
13 – Stumbling (Acoustic)

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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