American Heritage – Sedentary (2011)

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Music

From Chicago, Illinois, American Heritage have announced their next full-length. The record is titled Sedentary and it’s due out March 1, 2011 via Translation Loss Records. Once out, it’ll be the band’s first new release since 2006’s Millenarian.

The eleven-track album includes a different bassist on each song, and includes contributions from Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher and Black Cobra’s Rafa Martinez, among others. The group has since enlisted Erik Bocek (Joan Of Arc, Ghosts And Vodka) as their permanent bass player.

From their websites biography:
Uh, Some dudes jammed and, lo, a name was picked. The name narrowly squeaked by its nemesis, “meow meow kitty meow”. Basements were abandoned. Firesides were abandoned. Raitonality was abandoned. Hope was abandoned about a trillion fukn times, yo. Old Style was adopted. The people on the river were happy to give. Fuckers came and went. Record labels existed and stopped existing. Airplanes were taken. Coolant was spewed, Dodges pushed into the wrong damn country. The “Best in the West” was identified. Teeth stained, bidets full of mail, poo-smelling digs as well. Emceed Meier-like box stores were hung out at. Kevin Seconds’s doppelganger went to the Holy Land to fight alongside the Resistance. Two Hairs had a bellyache. Someone’s daughter got high with the wrong person, asses were wiped and dyped, as in the case of Buzz. Oh, Canada happened once. Thanks for the grand whole-country-as-North-Dakota thing. Hoo-eee. Spacious. Uhh, Chicago got even more boring. Nobody ever had any money anymore. People slept in uncomfortable places. Again with the alcohol. Heaviness happened, but slowly, over time, like a big roast or a boar on a spit. Everything continued to suck. Studios were chosen out of ignorance. Equipment was sold. One fella left and found other people to leave real fast, too. Shit kept happening. Everyone but us knew that we had ceased to exist. That’s when it all came together. Not existing is the best way to jam.Then: when a fella tries to buy his way in he is shown the door. Enough with the bad ideas already.

Confused? Good. American Heritage are one of the best underground bands I know of, and you probably won’t find their records anywhere. No videos on YouTube, no Wikipedia page, no CD slot in any of my favorite record stores. Nothing. I’m even wondering why I am giving any publicity in this blog – they probably don’t want it. It’s safe to say that knowing anything about this band makes you a bit ore hip than most metal fans. They will never make the big time, but not because they aren’t a great band. Sedentary (like the rest of their 5 album catalog) is filled with amazing hardcore/math/sludge tunes that will make you wonder why you haven’t heard of this band before.

That said, some secrets are kept untold. If you are into this kind of music (in the style of Mastodon)- check them out. They have a few jams up on their feeble MySpace account, their “official webpage” has had a grand total of three updates since 2006 – but don’t let that deter you. This is a blistering album that will keep you coming back for more.

Just don’t tell anyone. It’s cool to keep secrets.

1. CIty of God (5:39)
2. Sickening Rebellion (2:05)
3. Chaotic Obliteration (4:09)
4. Kiddie Pool of Baby Blood (1:04)
5. Vessels/ Vassals (6:43)
6. Fetal Attraction (1:58)
7. Tomb Cruise (3:13)
8. Slave by Force (2:33)
9. Abduction Cruiser (4:18)
10. Morbid Angle (2:32)
11. Wwdhd (7:22)

MySpace: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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