Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever (2011)

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Music

CHILDREN OF BODOM, the hard partying Finnish heavy metal band that features frontman and modern-day guitar hero Alexi Laiho, will release its new album, “Relentless Reckless Forever”, on March 8, 2011 via Universal Music. Recorded in Finland’s Petrax Studios with famed rock producer Matt Hyde (SLAYER, MONSTER MAGNET), the CD is the seventh studio album of COB’s illustrious career and the first new record from the band since 2008’s “Blooddrunk”, which debuted at #22 on The Billboard 200 chart and scored the quintet its third consecutive No. 1 debut in Finland.

“We worked super-hard on this album, at least for me it was pretty much no sleep or rest for six weeks,” stated Laiho. “But we were determined to make the best COB album ever, so we were willing to do whatever it took. Of course, having our producer Matt Hyde kicking our asses 24/7 definitely made the results even better, so obviously we’re more than anxious to get this album out there”

“Relentless Reckless Forever” summons and synthesizes everything Children of Bodom has earned and worked towards over the course of its successful, storied career. The band’s high-energy hooks and electric energy forge stadium-sized heavy metal anthems that seethe with both marvelous musicianship and a phenomenal pop prowess. CoB’s unique union of haunting melodies, rhythmic sensibility, guitar-and-keyboard interplay and king-size solos is supercharged to the maximum on “Relentless Reckless Forever”, and the resulting record is poised to push the band — already on the brink of breakout success in the U.S. — to an altogether new pinnacle.

All nine of these tracks are rock-solid, but their are definitely a few standouts. The opening track “Not My Funeral” kicks the listener in the ass in the first few seconds. The sound is a bit of a departure from CoB’s usual heavy synthesizer intro, instead going with a drum & guitar lick reminiscent of Lamb of God. I immediately noticed the better production on this album as well. Previous albums from CoB had been a bit “over-cooked” in production, which led to a few muddled tracks along the way. “Ugly” greets listeners with a fast and furious riff of epic proportions and cruises through 4 minutes of sheer thrash metal at its finest. The title track “Reckless Relentless Forever” continues the tradition of epic build-ups followed by heavy guitar solos matched seamlessly with synthesizer overtones.

What was a bit of a surprise was the choice for the first single off of the album. “Was It Worth It?” (video below) is the eighth track on the album – and honestly one of my least favorite. It has all of the components for a great song, and it’s definitely recognizable immediately as one from Children of Bodom, but it seems a bit tedious and comes off as mildly boring. That said, it’s probably the most commercially appealing track of the bunch due to it’s cookie-cutter structure – so maybe that will garner the appeal it seems to be striving for.

The polish on this album shines brighter than ever before, and the hype leading up to this release has paid off. It is with great confidence that I declare this release to be one of the best metal albums of 2011, even though it is only March. Children of Bodom will – as they always do – tour their collective asses off in support of this album. If you get a chance to see them live, I would definitely suggest taking advantage of it. The sound, energy, and musical talent of these guys plays as well on stage as it does on CD, making them one of the more critically acclaimed metal acts touring today. And it’s acclaim well-deserved. In what was already an outstanding catalogue of albums from this band, “Relentless Reckless Forever” stands out as Children of Bodom’s greatest work to date.

As a bonus fans can now buy this album in digital format from Amazon (link below) for only five bucks (as of June 13th) – an unbelievable price for an unbelievable album.


01. Not My Funeral
02. Shovel Knockout
03. Roundtrip to Hell and Back
04. Pussyfoot Miss Suicide
05. Relentless Reckless Forever
06. Ugly
07. Cry of the Nihilist
08. Was It Worth It?
09. Northpole Throwdown

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