The Police – Anthology (2007)

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Music

It is hard to believe that a band can become a Hall of Fame band with just five studio albums to their name, but The Police are such a band. This is an honor that the Police are most worthy of. The Police were sort of an off-shoot of the Punk Rock movement of the late 1970s. The band would eventually encompass other influences – namely Classic Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Dance, and even Folk. For the most part, it is fair to say there was a Punk Rock and Reggae influence on the band for their first two albums – “Outlandos D’Amour” and “Regatta de Blanc”. Both of these albums were terrific efforts – mostly because The Police used applied their unique style to a formula that worked. The Police would soon transform their sound to a more Classic Rock sound. With each successive album (“Zenyatta Mondatta”, “Ghost in the Machine”, and “Synchronicity”), the Police would continue to grow as a band and incorporate a variety of genres into their sound. The results were fresh. No one – even today – can claim to have a sound as unique as The Police.

In 1986, the Police officially disbanded and it wouldn’t be until 2007 when they would officially reunite for a reunion tour. To build some momentum for the tour, the Police would release a two CD greatest hits collection entitled “The Police: Anthology”. This compilation does provide a good portfolio of the band’s classic tracks.

Anthology takes tracks from each of the band’s five albums. Six tracks from “Outlandos D’Amour” (“Can’t Stand Losing You”, “Next to You”, “Roxanne”, “Truth Hits Everybody”, “Hole in My Life”, “So Lonely”); Four tracks from “Regatta De Blanc” (“Message in a Bottle”, “Regatta De Blanc”, “Bring on the Night”, “Walking on the Moon”); Five tracks from “Zenyatta Mondatta” (“Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, “Driven to Tears”, “Canary in a Coalmine”, “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”, “Voices Inside My Head”); Four tracks from “Ghost in the Machine” (“Invisible Sun”, “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, “Spirits in the Material World”, “Demolition Man”); Eight tracks from “Synchronicity” (“Every Breath You Take”, “Synchronicity I”, “Wrapped Around Your Finger”, “Walking In Your Footsteps”, “Synchronicity II”, “King of Pain”, “Murder By Numbers”, “Tea in the Sahara”). This collection also includes the band’s debut single – not released on the five studio albums – “Fallout”.

My big argument is that this collection tends to go too heavy on “Synchronicity” – with eight of the eleven tracks from that album on this collection. One can also make the argument not enough was taken from “Regatta De Blanc” or “Ghost in the Machine”. For the most part, this compilation does a good job at taking the essential tracks from the Police’s music portfolio.

One strength of this collection is that the tracks are chronologically arranged by the studio album they released. This allows you to see how a band has progressed over time. In the case of the Police, this is essential because I think it is important to hear how their sound evolved.

Will there ever be anything new from The Police? My guess would be a resounding “no,” as egos and scheduling conflicts nearly derailed the 2007 tour – and it’s not a big secret that these guys grew tired of one another long ago. I’m not sure I would even want new music from these guys, as the legacy they have left behind is a great soundtrack to the growing-up years of my life. I’d just as soon remember that way…

Track List:

CD 1
01 Visions Of The Night
02 Fall Out
03 So Lonely
04 Roxanne
05 Landlord
06 Hole In My Life – Fixing A Hole
07 Walking On The Moon
08 I Burn For You (bassline)
09 Can’t Stand Losing You – Regatta De Blanc
10 Bring On The Night
11 The Bed’s Too Big Without You
12 Message In A Bottle
13 Thruth Hits Everybody
14 No Time This Time
15 Shadows In The Rain
16 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

CD 2
01 Demolition man
02 Hungry For You (J’aurai Toujour Fam De Toi)
03 Don’t Stand So Close To Me
04 Spirits In The Material World
05 Hole In My Life
06 Synchronicity I
07 Synchronicity II
08 Walking In Your Footsteps
09 One World (Not Three)
10 Invisible Sun
11 Voices Inside My Head – When The World Is Running Down
12 Wrapped Around Your Finger
13 Every Breath You Take
14 King Of Pain
15 Next To You
16 So Lonely

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