Poison – Greatest Hits (1986-1996)

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Music

What can be said about Poison?

If there was a single band that glorified the spandex-wearing hair metal of the late 80s, it was these guys. Prettier than Motley Crue, funnier than Whitesnake, choreographed better than the Rockettes. If you threw a party in 1989, chances are you were pumping some Poison through your stereo.

The black leather of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden had suddenly been replaced with lipstick and neon green – staples to the Poison movement – and millions of bands were born. While none really stood up in popularity (although Warrant, Ratt, Winger, and others came close), hundreds of bands adopted the “party” metal sound that Poison pretty much invented.

Maybe “invented” is too strong of a word. The band obviously was borrowing style-and-sound snippets from predecessors Slade, Thin Lizzy, and others – but the combination of hairspray and smiles infected the music scene for almost 15 years thanks to this band. What did make Poison stand out above the crowd, however, was musicianship. All four members – Bret Michaels (vocals), C.C. DeVille (guitar), Bobbi Dahl (bass), and Rikki Rocket (drums) – were excellent musicians, and seemed to flow together perfectly as a unit. Even today, when seeing them live, it is obvious that these four lads have perfected the craft of performance rock and roll.

And speaking of “today,” Poison will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary by hitting the road with Motley Crue this summer, and rumors hint towards a new Poison album in 2012. Until then, enjoy this collection of hits through the download link below…

1. “Nothin’ but a Good Time”
2. “Talk Dirty to Me”
3. “Unskinny Bop”
4. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”
5. “Fallen Angel”
6. “I Won’t Forget You”
7. “Stand”
8. “Ride the Wind”
9. “Look What the Cat Dragged In”
10. “I Want Action”
11. “Life Goes On”
12. “(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice”
13. “Cry Tough”
14. “Your Mama Don’t Dance”
15. “So Tell Me Why”
16. “Something to Believe In”
17. “Sexual Thing” (unreleased)
18. “Lay Your Body Down” (unreleased)

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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