Sully Erna – Avalon (2010)

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Music

No matter how much I used to be into Godsmack, their last few works have been less than stellar releases. The bands latest group effort “Oracle” was a step back in the right direction for the band, but they simply failed to amaze me like they did with their earlier work. So when my buddy had me listen to lead-singer Sully Erna’s solo effort “Avalon”, I was a bit skeptical. He had already prefaced the listening by telling me it was a bit softer than Godsmack, so I was mostly prepared to be disappointed.

Lo and behold, the album was actually brilliant. It’s not a complete departure from Godsmack’s previous recordings – for the most part the album is very similar to their songs “Serenity”, “Voodoo”, and “Hollow”. If you enjoyed those tracks you’re going to love these songs.

What makes this album different is the talent he chooses to surround himself with. Various instrumentalist and vocalist he utilizes here add to the already colorful palette he crafts these song with. They all just add another dimension to an ready incredible musician. The album includes Lisa Guyer on vocals, classically trained Cellist Irina Chirkova of Bulgaria, and from Ireland, percussionist Niall Gregory of Dead Can Dance, Chris Lester and Tim Therriault.

Sully, also, definitely caters to the Pagan in me with the lyrics he uses and the primordial drum beats that run in sync with the beating of the warrior spirits that dwell within our essence. He runs the gambit of all that he is with these beautifully crafted songs: warrior, father, lover, God, son. You connect with all those intricate layers he’s woven within the folds of his songs and I want nothing else than to run home, grab my Djembe and join in the drumming circle he’s instigated. Something that seriously tripped me out was in reading on his website the lyrics for these songs, the first track “Avalon” was co-written by Laurie Cabot (one of the most famous modern day witches.)

I haven’t heard one song I dislike. I haven’t heard one second of this amazingly gorgeous record that I would change. It’s perfect. The only thing that bothers me about it is that I had no idea it was any good. It’s not getting any radio play as far as I can tell, no advertising I have seen anywhere and that’s just sad. Anyone and everyone who loves music – sublime musicianship and elegantly crafted lyrics and primitive rhythms pulsating through your veins – will find something to like about this album.

So go on: grab your drums, get your smudge Wands, dance under the light of the moon and revel in the awesomeness of this music. But don’t let your faith, or even lack of faith stop you from getting this offering of audible ecstasy – this album is amazing.

01. Avalon
02. 7 Years
03. Broken Road
04. Sinner’s Prayer
05. My Light
06. The Rise
07. Until Then…
08. The Departed
09. Eyes Of A Child
10. In Through Time

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link

  1. Bill says:

    Great review! This is a great album and you got this right!

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