Jackass 3 (2010)

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Movies

Jackass isn’t a movie, it’s an experience – and therefore, in my estimation, it must be reviewed as such. There’s no discernible plot, other than “A group of guys are desperately determined to die, or at the very least, beat each other’s penises to death.” That’s been the description for all three Jackass films, and so by the third installment, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

And the fact is, if you’re watching it, you are entertained by this stuff, at least at a primal level. If everyone on screen is cracking up when someone gets hit in the crotch by an angry ram, chances are you’re probably laughing whether you like it or not. The guys usually try to balance out dangerous stunts with ones that are just flat out disgusting, but presumably as each cast member has broken many bones and almost ridden a runaway shopping cart straight into hell a few times, they’ve toned down the death defying antics and the gross out gags are the ones that really stick with you.

There are only a few degrees now separating a Jackass film from an internet video along the lines of say, 2 girls/1 cup. Sweat is collected from a guys’ ass while he runs on an elliptical, and downed by his Steve-O. An ass covered in green paint erupts like a volcano with actual shit as a model train goes by. A man hits a golfball with his exposed penis while his friend tries to catch it in his mouth. A man is trapped inside a port-o-potty filled with dog diarrhea and we watch him puke his guts out when the box is launched into the air and it enters every hole in his head. The fact that this movie was shown in theaters and is merely rated R is mind blowing, and that’s only amplified when I hear news like a Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams drama just received an NC-17 from the MPAA for some implied oral sex.

But I’m not here to lecture the film on its morals or taste level. There are none, that’s the point, that’s why you’re here.

Actually- one can’t really review a film like this. If you’ve enjoyed the previous antics of these retards, then it’s exactly what you’d expect. It relies a little too much on the gross out factor rather than the far-cooler-to-witness daredevil antics the series is known for, but when you average it out, it’s close to being on par with the other films. When you consider the decade or so of abuse that Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn and the rest of the cast have taken to their bodies, you can understand why the gags are more toilet humor and less perilous these days, but there is still something edgy about Jackass that I can’t put my finger on. In fact, I probably wouldn’t want to if I could.

Jackass 3 hits shelves in BluRay and DVBD formats March 8th, 2011.

IMBD: Link | Wiki: Link |Download (AVI): Link

  1. Steve Kuhns says:

    Never really understood why there was a need for a 2, let alone a 3.

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