Basics Animation: Digital Animation – Andrew Chong & Andrew McNamara (2011)

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Books

It used to be that digital animation was something only the most educated, talented computer designers could accomplish. Over the last few years, however, the need for designers has been met with amazing softwares that – with just the smallest amount of training – can produce eye-opening animations and special effects. Studios such as Pixar and Dreamworks are still the benchmark for high-end animation, but the Basics Animation series are a great introduction to the world of digital animation.

Digital technology has made animation simpler, faster, and easier than ever before. New tools have broadened the palette available to both beginners and experienced animators. Basics Animation: Digital Animation looks at the history of the medium, charting its progress by looking at specific examples that document the growth and development of the form over the past fifty years. With contributions from pioneers of the medium as well as today’s leading animators in movies, games, and television, Digital Animation is an animated look at animation yesterday and today.

• Explores key principles and processes of animation
• Readable and informative
• Interviews and art from artists, animators, filmmakers, and more from around the world

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An example of author Andrew Chong’s animation


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