Dethklok – Dethalbum I & II (2007/2009)

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Music

It’s not very often a cartoon spawns good music. It’s absolutely never that a cartoon spawns killer music. That is until now. The fictional band Dethklok from the animated series Metalocalypse have released two albums – Dethalbum I and Dethalbum II – that quite honestly stand up to almost any other death metal release over the last few years.

The albums each coincided with their respective seasons of the show. Many of the tracks were featured in episodes, but not until the album releases were we given the “full-length” version of most of these gems. While knowledge of the show helps with the story behind the lyrics (which in true death-metal style are most incoherable), the albums are filled with great tracks that one not need be a fan of the show to enjoy.

The band has actually toured with such acts as Mastodon and Slayer. Their live performances being played by dimly lit musicians while the cartoon version of the band is displayed on large screens that draw the attention of the concertgoer. Deathalbum III is currently in the works, and will feature songs from the third season of episodes along with new music from the yet-to-be broadcast fourth season.

While some of the tracks are humorous in nature, make no mistake – Dethklok are a legitimate band with legitimate talent. You will be suprised at how well these tunes are structured and how brutal they actually are.

The Dethalbum – 2007

Murmaider (from “Dethwater”)
Go into the Water (from “The Metalocalypse Has Begun”)
Awaken (from “Dethtroll”)
Bloodrocuted (mentioned in “Dethfam”)
Go Forth and Die (from “Go Forth and Die”)
Fansong (from “Mordland”)
Better Metal Snake
The Lost Vikings
Thunderhorse (from “Dethwater”)
Briefcase Full of Guts (from “Murdering Outside the Box”)
Birthday Dethday (from “Birthdayface”)
Hatredcopter (from “RenovationKlok”)
Castratikron (from “Girlfriendklok”)
Face Fisted (from “TributeKlok”)
Dethharmonic (from “Fatklok”)
Deththeme (from every episode)



Dethalbum II – 2009

Bloodlines (from “Dethcarraldo”)
The Gears (from “Dethsources”)
Burn the Earth (from “Dethvengeance”)
Laser Cannon Deth Sentence (from “Dethecution”)
Black Fire Upon Us (from “Dethrelease”)
Dethsupport (from “Sicklok”)
The Cyborg Slayers (from “Dethmas”)
I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin
Murmaider II: The Water God
Comet Song (from “P.R. Klok”)
Symmetry (from “Dethfashion”)
Volcano (from “Dethdoubles”)


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