The Very End – Mercy & Misery (2011)

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Music

The Very End hail from the Ruhr Valley of Germany, a metal hotbed that has spawned bands like Sodom, Grave Digger and Kreator. They released their debut on a small label back in 2008, but Mercy & Misery will be their introduction to the majority of the metal world.

As far as genre classification, Mercy & Misery fits mostly into the melodic death metal mold, although The Very End incorporate other genres as well, such as thrash and metalcore. They strike a good balance of aggression and melody, with some excellent guitar work. “Rat Nation” alternates harsh and melodic vocals, and features a flamenco guitar interlude, which is a nice touch that works well.

The groove laden “Dead Is The New Alive” is one of the catchiest tracks on the album, with first class riffs and a memorable chorus. “For All Things Undone” has a darker vibe and some angrier harsh vocals, which are balanced by the melodic singing.

The Very End does two cover songs on this album. One is fairly predictable, the Zeppelin classic “Immigrant Song.” They incorporate some harsh vocals and don’t hit the notes Robert Plant does. It’s an average version at best. However, the cheesy ’80s song “Maniac” (done originally by Michael Sembello) isn’t one you’d expect from a metal band. It’s still cheesy, but they do a nice job metalling it up.

There are some very well-done songs on Mercy & Misery along with a few that are nondescript. The musicianship is good, especially the guitars. For what is basically a rookie release, this band seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of itself sonically. I fully expect this to be just the beginning for The Very End

1. Memento
2. Ball And Chain
3. The Leper
4. Rat Nation
5. Dead Is The New Alive
6. Letters To The Living
7. A Hole In The Sun
8. For All Things Undone
9. Vultures
10. Immigrant Song
11. Three Zero Nine
12. Blacklisted
13. Maniac

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