Reel Big Fish – A Best Of Us For The Rest Of Us (2010)

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Music

California ska-punk chiefs Reel Big Fish have made a career out of entertaining people. Their hilarious oft-hand songs have given birth to a twenty-year career that’s most recently encapsulated in this excellent 36-song best-of package. A Best Of Us For The Rest Of Us fishbowls the bands finest songs into a breathless assault on the funny bone, with such greats as ‘Sell Out’ and ‘Everything Sucks’ – just two of the hallmark outings on display here. (Note: my personal favorite ‘Take On Me’ – a cover of the popular 80’s song by A-Ha – is also included.)

The great thing about Reel Big Fish is that they’re largely a no-frills listen. Nothing here’s intended to really make you think outside of a few hidden nuggets, it’s simply a long list of songs designed to get you off your ass and onto your feet. For the most part A Best Of Us For The Rest Of Us does its job of highlighting Reel Big Fish as one of the leaders of the 90’s ska-punk wave, and showcase the antics which have made this band one of my wife’s favorite. Fortunately – and perhaps cleverly – the sameness is distilled by a 14-track disc featuring “ska-coustic” renditions of the likes of ‘Don’t Start A Band’ and ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’, a nice retread of some of the bands best songs set to a well-timed tempo change.

As a best-of package it’s really hard to ask for much more from Reel Big Fish. The track-list is reasonably spot-on, delivering a wholly pleasing timeline of 90’s and 00’s ska-punk, whilst the added acoustic tracks add a substance and flair often lost on the newer ska bands.

To truly appreciate Reel Big Fish, I suggest you see them live – though you might not recognize them. Elvis costumes, track gear, astronaut suits, and hippie gear are just some of the playful ensembles the band has worn on stage. Whatever they wear, their live show is tight, funny and a memorable experience every time.

Go ahead and get your ska on – this band does it right.


Disc 1
01. Sell Out 3:54
02. Take On Me 3:19
03. Beer 3:51
04. She Has A Girlfriend Now 3:07
05. Everything Sucks 2:54
06. Trendy 2:39
07. I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too 2:49
08. In The Pit 2:44
09. The Set Up (You Need This) 4:18
10. Somebody Hates Me 3:24
11. You Don’t Know 3:15
12. Suckers (This One’s For You) 3:39
13. Where Have You Been 3:59
14. Good Thing 3:23
15. Ban The Tube Top 3:03
16. Don’t Start A Band 3:18
17. Your Guts (I Hate ’em) 2:02
18. Another F.u. Song 1:03
19. Ner Version Of You (New Version) 3:20
20. Party Down 4:08
21. Slow Down (Single Version) 4:20
22. Brown Eyed Girl 3:03

Disc 2/2
01. Sell Out (Skacoustic) 3:54
02. Take On Me (Skacoustic) 3:44
03. Beer (Skacoustic) 3:15
04. She Has A Girlfriend Now (Skacoustic) 3:04
05. Another F.u. Song (Skacoustic) 1:03
06. Your Guts (I Hate ’em) (Skacoustic) 1:55
07. Suckers (Skacoustic) 3:34
08. Where Have You Been (Skacoustic) 3:53
09. Don’t Start A Band (Skacoustic) 3:17
10. S.r. (Skacoustic) 1:38
11. 241 (Skacoustic) 2:39
12. The Kids Don’t Like It (Skacoustic) 3:26
13. Scott’s A Dork (Skacoustic) 3:04
14. Nothin’ (Skacoustic) 2:07

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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