Mac | Life Magazine – March 2011

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Periodicals

Being the Mac whore I am, I felt compelled to post this month’s issue of Mac|Life.

Mac|Life is the successor of the defunct CD-ROM Today magazine. First published in 1993 by Imagine Publishing (now Future US), CD-ROM Today was targeted at both Windows and Macintosh users, and each issue shipped with a CD-ROM of shareware and demo programs. In August 1996, CD-ROM Today ceased publication, with two magazines taking its place: MacAddict for Macintosh users, and boot (which became Maximum PC) for Windows users.

MacAddict was the first North American magazine focused on the Macintosh to include a CD-ROM with every issue. As was the case with CD-ROM Today, MacAddict’s discs included shareware and demo programs, but also came with other added features, such as staff videos and previews of content inside the magazine’s hard copy. The MacAddict website was updated daily with news relevant to Apple products. MacAddict also had a mascot, a stick-figure named Max. In February 2007, MacAddict was relaunched as MacLife. The new magazine is physically larger than the old magazine and was focused on the creativity of Mac users, and no longer comes with a CD-ROM.

Mac|Life has the second largest audited total circulation in North America among Macintosh-focused magazines (with a rate base of 110,000), after Macworld, as well as the second-largest audited newsstand sales.

The Web site formerly featured an active message board. The forum had over 25,000 registered users and received up to 2,000 posts every day. Discussion ranged on a variety of topics; the magazine itself, computers and gadgets (both made by Apple and otherwise) and more wide-ranging personal and political issues. Its closure was announce on November 13, 2010, and the forum was shutdown & erased on November 18th. It has been rumored that the message board will be reactivated sometime during mid-2011.

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