Album cover plagiarism!

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I’m here working on a couple of posts for tomorrow (Spoiler alert: you’ll be getting the Tesla discography and the new release from Darkest Hour) – and I stumbled upon what I first thought was a coincidence.

After some detailed Photoshop viewing, I call bullshit on Darkest Hour for lifting imagery from Tesla. They are the exact same root image. Being a designer, I can understand that “royalty-free” imagery is available. I just can’t imagine Tesla not paying for, nor copyrighting, their album cover image.

Keep in mind that the Tesla album came out early in 2008. The Darkest Hour is scheduled for release in a couple of weeks.

Judge for yourself and feel free to give me your two-cents worth in the comments below.

Tesla - Forever More - 2008

Darkest Hour - The Human Romance - 2011

  1. id_ says:

    RF is RF. an i think once you ‘photochop’ it it becomes ‘yours’ and or whatever. Tesla.. slightly smudged and colored, DH .. mostly original photo.
    Eitherway.. That DH album looks really fucking bad.

    • randyr says:

      It sounds about as bad as it looks. I’m so sick of shitty metalcore. Used to be my favorite genre – now, meh. And I think you’re right. If there are “7 points of difference” you can’t claim that an image was intentionally copied. Still pretty sad. I would have done their album in exchange for a coupla fucking t-shirts and it would have been killa….

  2. randyr says:

    This morning using (reverse image search tool) I found out that this image is definitely RF. Still think it’s pretty shitty.

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