The Black Crowes – Croweology (2010)

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Music

Most rock bands with a history as turbulent and transcendent as The Black Crowes break up at some time or another; the Crowes first did it in 2002, and Chris and Rich Robinson marked the 20th anniversary of their debut Shake Your Money Maker by putting the Crowes on “indefinite hiatus” again—but not before they blew the doors off with one more tour and a double-disc acoustic set.

Croweology was tracked over the course of five days at LA’s mecca Sunset Sound, largely with live takes and few overdubs. It’s a testament to the band’s grueling work ethic on the road that they can make something sounding so tight seem so effortless, but the real revelation in the acoustic remakes of such classics as “Remedy” and deep album cuts like “Downtown Money Waster” is how—even stripped down to their essence—they hold up as great songs.

Highlights include a downtempo “Good Friday” that pays open tribute to Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” a rousing slide acoustic version of “My Morning Song” and Chris Robinson’s changeless ability to peel paint with his voice on “Thorn in My Pride.”

Tesla’s “Five Man Acoustical Jam” may have laid the ground for this type of CD, but the Crowes pull it off with such ease and conviction, that you’d swear this is the way the songs were meant to be played all along.

01 – Jealous Again
02 – Share The Ride
03 – Remedy
04 – Non-Fiction
05 – Hotel Illness
06 – Soul Singing
07 – Ballad In Urgency
08 – Wiser Time
09 – Cold Boy Smile
10 – Under A Mountain
01 – She Talks To Angels
02 – Morning Song
03 – Downtown Money Waster
04 – Good Friday
05 – Thorn In My Pride
06 – Welcome To The Good Times
07 – Girl From A Pawnshop
08 – Sister Luck
09 – She
10 – Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Disc 1 | Download (320kbps): Disc 2


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