Destruction – Day of Reckoning (2011)

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Music

Here in the U.S., we have a television drama called Law & Order; developed in 1990 and then cancelled last year, it’s now in syndication. The show created several spin-offs that continue today. Yet, when the TNT network wants to advertise the show or a “Law & Order marathon,” it often uses the pitch, “The original is always the best.” And they’re right. Much the same could be said for thrash metal. In thirty years, thrash metal has evolved, and produced many bastard children including death and black metal. But the original is always the best. Germany’s Destruction, one of the triumvirate of early German thrash including Sodom and Kreator, return with Day of Reckoning, their eleventh album in a career spanning better than 25 years.

Day of Reckoning, with little reservation, is an old school thrash tour-de-force. With typical themes of mayhem and destruction, black magic and sorcery, and vents against organized religion and the ‘supreme being’ of your choice, Destruction offers a relentless and speedy barrage of riffing mixed with moments of groove and melody in the segues, breakdowns, and solos in a sometimes technical wrapper. Mostly, however, Destruction seems bent on pummeling the shit out of the listener. Heavy is one word, but “brutal” works better in this case, being equal and possibly better their modern peers. While you’re banging your head, pinwheeling your hair, and pumping your fist, Destruction is using their sonic assault to melt your brain and destroy an ability for cognitive thought.

Generally, the constant barrage of blistering heaviness gets old causing Day of Reckoning to become a thick blur of thrash muzak. Of course, like their modern peers, therein lies the problem with extreme metal. But, for their part, Destruction offers some genuine interest thanks to some unexpected cleverness. When Destruction gets beyond mere ‘thrashing’ about and offers some dynamic arrangements, they show their greatness. Hate Is My Fuel, Day of Reckoning, Misfit, and even Church of Disgust show that Destruction can be genuinely intriguing while simultaneously sonically kicking you in the sack.

Frankly, its probably best to listen to Day of Reckoning in parts, a little bit at a time because, between the severe heaviness and relentless pace, you’ll miss the Destruction’s sublime yet extreme metal creativity.

With Day of Reckoning, Destruction proves the new school is no match for the old guard of thrash metal. Wicked, relentless, and devastatingly heavy, Destruction brings their A-game to Day of Reckoning. A solid candidate for most vicious, modern interpretation of old school metal from true old school veterans in 2011.

01. The Price
02. Hate Is My Fuel
03. Armageddonizer
04. Devil’s Advocate
05. Day Of Reckoning
06. Sorcerer Of Black Magic
07. Misfit
08. The Demon Is God
09. Church Of Disgust
10. Destroyer Or Creator
11. Sheep Of The Regime
12. Stand Up And Shout

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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