Heaven Shall Burn – Invictus (2010)

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Music

Heaven Shall Burn returned with Invictus in June 2010, with their wonderfully intense vocals, explosive breakdowns, melodic guitar riffs, politically charged lyrics, nostalgic interludes…and the same damn sound we have been listening to since Antigone. That was six years ago. Since then, an infinite amount of absolutely pointless arguments have taken place over the band’s categorization. Not to worry, I have purposely withheld any mentioning of genre tags, as the band’s genre is about as important as your personal opinion on the matter. Heaven Shall Burn, although popular among the more weathered members of the metal community, is becoming a common gateway into the world of extreme music. Although the overall sound of Invictus shows no signs of the band’s progression in the slightest, the album is well worth your time if you enjoy music that is packed full of pure adrenaline and raw emotion. Worthy of acceptance as “my favorite band – ever.”

There is not much else to say about Heaven Shall Burn’s sound that hasn’t been said in other reviews. The production is nearly flawless, with the minor exception of more of the electronic beat-making that was also used in Iconoclast. The song “Combat” contains a bit of these electronic moments and is actually one of the best songs on the album. This only goes to show that there isn’t anything wrong with experimentation, per se (after all, experimentation is what this band is lacking in), but new techniques need to be used much more confidently. Perhaps releasing an EP full of these types of sounds is something Heaven Shall Burn should consider doing, as opposed to hurting the consistency of a highly anticipated full-length with sparse instrument variations. Another standout track, “Given In Death” features members of Deadlock, including female vocalist Sabine Weiniger.

Granted, the band’s harsh vocals might turn a listener or two off, but trust me when I tell you that HSB is one of – if not – THE best band of it’s genre. Whatever that genre may be…

01 – Intro
02 – The Omen
03 – Combat
04 – I Was I Am I Shall Be
05 – Buried In Forgotten Grounds
06 – Sevastopol
07 – The Lie You Bleed For
08 – Return To Sanity
09 – Against Bridge Burners
10 – Of Forsaken Poets
11 – Nowhere (Bonus Track)
12 – Given In Death
13 – Outro


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