Emmure – Speaker of The Dead (2011)

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Music

EMMURE have chosen “Speaker Of The Dead” to serve as the title to their new album. The effort, which was recorded with producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Born Of Osiris), is on schedule for a February 15th release date through Victory Records.

The rumors of the demise of the band were strongly exaggerated, but not unfounded. Founding members (and brothers) Ben and Joe Lionette are no longer with Emmure. Reasons for their departure range from medical issues to creative differences – although remaining members dispute the latter.

What it means for the listener is a new band, of sorts. Or so we thought.

Speaker of the Dead – while a rebirth in members – still offers up the mosh-inducing sound the band has been known for. Any difference in performance is subtle at best, as the group remains at the forefront of the beatdown deathcore scene.

“Children of Cybertron” and “Solar Flare Homicide” showcase the band at it’s best, while the rest of the album is filled with powerful, angry offerings of heaviness. A great release from a band that is definitely here to stay.

01 – Children of Cybertron
02 – Area 64-66
03 – Dogs Get Put Down
04 – Demons With Ryu
05 – Solar Flare Homicide
06 – Eulogy of Giants
07 – Bohemian Grove
08 – 4 Poisons 3 Words
09 – Cries of Credo
10 – Last Words To Rose
11 – A Voice From Below
12 – Drug Dealer Friend
13 – My Name Is Thanos
14 – Lights Bring Salvation
15 – Word of Intulo

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