Rev Theory – Justice (2011)

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Music

New York’s Rev Theory return February 15th with their third studio album, Justice. While every band will tell you they’ve strived to make their newest album their best album, most of the time it’s wishful thinking. Rev Theory’s sophomore offering, Light It Up, was extremely successful, so the bar was set high for the guys when they entered the studio last winter.

However, every album need not be a better album, simply a different album. To my ears, this is Rev Theory’s best album yet. Still, only the hardened fans (which I wouldn’t consider myself) can decide if the album is ultimately “better,” but Justice is definitely a more complete album.

The band started with the right attitude and a likeminded producer, in Terry Date (Soundgarden, Pantera, Deftones). “To be able to sit in the same room and work on your music with a guy that has produced some of your favorite bands is absolutely surreal,” shared lead vocalist Rich Luzzi.

“We have worked tirelessly to get to this point in our careers, and to get an opportunity to make an album with Terry Date feels right for the band and the music,” concurs guitarist Julian Jorgensen.

In talking about the Justice concept, Jorgensen said, “As a band we attacked this opportunity with the intent of capturing the energy of a great live show. Justice is a realized vision, and reflects who we are as a band more accurately than any of its predecessors. It really is the record we are most proud of.”

“Attack” is perhaps an appropriate verb to describe Justice, as the band cruises in and jumps full force on the listener from the opening chords of “Dead In A Grave.” This track sets up a a theme that seems to weave throughout the album– “I’m still breathing, fuck your sympathy,” Luzzi cries. Fists in the air, feet on the ground, and attitude in your face.

“Dead In A Grave” sets up the album’s second cut, the title track, and also the album’s first single quite nicely. “Justice” is a powerful anthem that should do well on modern rock radio singles charts.

The primal energy continues on the driving, “Hangman.” This track is bound for greatness on stage. This is a straight kick-in-the head rocker. Sick guitar riff, and air drum worthy skins action.

We get a much needer breather by the time the album gets to “Fire,” a moody and emotionally wrought slow roller. Borderline ballad, this track will get some radio play as well.

Next up is “Loaded Gun” which sounds like a head on collision between early Guns ‘N Roses and Theory of A Deadman.

Solid through all 11 tracks, this CD deserves place in your collection. I was planning on lumping Rev Theory in with the stale Nickelback/Shinedown/Chevelle section of my CD collection – but to my surprise, it will be sitting on heavy rotation.

Justice is high octane fuel for the ears, and a sure 2011 monster. Arguably their best so far, but certainly their best is yet to come. Rev Theory can pat themselves on the back for this release – a job very well done.

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (256kbps): Link


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