Lewis Black – Stark Raving Black (2010)

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Comedy and Standup

You might recognize Lewis Black – he’s been on tv, in movies and most known for his Back In Black segments on the uber-popular Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Crass, intelligent, and profane, Black has cemented himself as one of the best political humorists of our time. His punch-in-the-gut approach to standup has made him one of – if not the – best comics going today,

On his new album, Stark Raving Black, Lewis Black brings his singular style of profane and profound humor to the stage. Compelled by his passions and discontentedness with the absurdities of the world, he erupts in a hand-shaking, body-trembling, spewing of diatribe-laced dialectic comedy. Focusing on the personal and the political, Lewis guides his audience through a catalogue of the woes of the world, from the absurdities of aging (60 is NOT the new 40!) to the pitfalls of becoming a mainstream comedian to the insanity of Washington and Wall Street.

Also available on DVD, this audio CD is definitely worth a listen.

Track List:
01. Expectations
02. Democrats & Republicans
03. Mainstream Comedian
04. Vince Gill, Amy Grant & Me
05. Hitting 60
06. Birth & Death
07. Parents
08. The Economy
09. Greed
10. Alternative Energy
11. Hope


MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link


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