Methods of Mayhem – A Public Disservice Announcement (2010)

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Music

Methods of Mayhem are one of those bands that put out a debut album, disappear for numerous years, and then come back out of nowhere. Founded by Tommy Lee (Motely Crue), the band was an originally a nu-metal project featuring rap influences from the artist TiLo. However, for Tommy Lee, Methods was more about musical catharsis than anything else, considering he came up with the idea for the band on the eve of his divorce from actress Pamela Anderson.

However, after their debut, the public, especially metalheads, didn’t see Methods as a decent metal band, and after certain frustrations, the band split. Of course, Tommy Lee never abandoned the project completely. It stayed in the back of his mind constantly, churning and evolving until he finally felt it would be the right time to bring everything back together. That time was August 2010.

So out of nowhere came Methods’ second album, A Public Disservice Announcement. Any hint of rap influences are GONE, but the group hasn’t really gone more metal either. Like many nu-metal bands… Korn, Disturbed, Ill Nino… they’ve basically become hard rock bands. And the style really shows on tracks such as “Fight Song” (the only real ‘nu-metal’ song that reflects the band’s past album) and the punk rock, Weezer pop tinged “Drunk Uncle Pete.” But, Methods chose to branch out even further with their second album. There’s the trip-hop rock “Take Me Off The Edge”, a few industrial/ remix tracks that are slow and moody while combined with hard rock flavour like “All I Wanna Do”; “Two Ways” even features some well placed female vocals that don’t sound like the typical guest vocals that are included in metal or rock these days. And of course, what good rock album doesn’t include a hefty amount of emotional ballads for the ladies? Try “Louder,” a pop rock designed track that sounds along the lines of recent Staind, Nickelback, or Papa Roach. There’s only one so fans won’t start throwing up anytime soon.

Since Methods’ hiatus, Tommy Lee did some digging within himself and found out what it was that the band stood for to him. There’s so many different styles on this album and lyrical content, some serious such as “Back to Before” and some satirical such as the spoken-word “Party Instructions”.

The whole idea around creating music for fun while still maintaining a serious emotional outlet is back and listeners can definitely feel that within the band. The diversity of the album also leads to the question of what direction Methods will go in the future; there’s so many options. However, it would be a disservice to the band to forsake their variety of music altogether and just go in one direction. Sure, they still may alienate metal fans because they didn’t become harder, but at the same time they’ve probably gained a whole bunch of new fans that their older work couldn’t bring them.

01 – Drunk Uncle Pete
02 – Time Bomb
03 – Louder
04 – Fight Song
05 – Blame
06 – 2 Ways
07 – Talk Me Off the Ledge
08 – Only One
09 – All I Wanna Do
10 – Back to Before
11 – Party Instructions
12 – I Really Want You (Bonus Track)
13 – Let’s Go (Bonus Track)

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