Buckcherry – All Night Long (2010)

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Music

While some bands have dabbled in grunge, screamo, and the like since the mid-1990’s, Buckcherry has been the go-to band for straightforward party rock n’ roll. Fast forward to 2010, and not much has changed. The Los Angeles’ band’s fifth album All Night Long is filled to the gills with gritty, bluesy party rock that isn’t a huge leap from past singles like “Crazy Bitch.” The clichés are aplenty on All Night Long, and it might be annoying if Buckcherry weren’t so darn good at delivering the classic blues rock sound.

Buckcherry doesn’t waste time when it comes to giving the fans what they want. The opening track “All Night Long” revolves around a catchy chorus that is so instantly hummable that you would swear you’ve heard it before. “It’s A Party” follows suit, both musically and lyrically. Starting off with a “We Will Rock You” drum beat, the track quickly is ushered into your standard blues rock format. A good chunk of the album is dedicated to thick, meaty riffs and themes about rock’s decadent lifestyle – both which work in the band’s favor.

The band doesn’t shy away from its mellower side, and All Night Long has what you could call power ballads in the mix. Granted, they never get as sentimental as some of the hair metal output in the 80’s, but tracks like “I Want You” and “These Things” revolve around the familiar theme of love. The ballads don’t stay mellow for long, however, and the choruses usually explode with gain-driven guitars.

The anomaly of the record is “Our World,” a song that is fairly bare bones in terms of the musical composition. The vocals and percussion take the central focus during the verses, most likely because it’s a song where the lyrical content takes precedence. “Our World” is essentially Buckcherry’s commentary on today’s imperfect world – ala U2. It’s a respectable offering, but the song is still hard to take seriously after hearing a myriad of rock clichés on the record.

Buckcherry’s blues/sleaze/grit rock isn’t anything you haven’t heard before from past rockers – or even from Josh Todd and the boys themselves. Guitarist Keith Nelson gets kudos for whipping out slide work a la Joe Walsh in “Liberty” and the band in general does write catchy tunes for days. Buckcherry isn’t proving anything new on All Night Long, but again, the monster hit “Crazy Bitch” also wasn’t necessarily the most thought-provoking/creatively groundbreaking tune to ever come along.

01. All Night Long (3:52)
02. It’s A Party (3:42)
03. These Things (3:50)
04. Oh My Lord (3:36)
05. Recovery (2:59)
06. Never Say Never (3:41)
07. I Want You (3:41)
08. Liberty (4:14)
09. Our World (3:48)
10. Bliss (3:54)
11. Dead (5:24)
12. These Things (Acoustic) (3:59)
13. Fire Off Your Guns (Acoustic) (3:46)
14. Black Butterfly (Acoustic) (3:47)
15. King Of Kings (Acoustic) (4:49)
16. My Friend (Acoustic) (3:58)
17. Grace (Acoustic) (4:21)

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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