The Damned Things – Ironiclast (2010)

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Music

The Damned Things, the group featuring members from bands all across the rock music scene, have joined forces to put out something really special in “Ironiclast”. The combination of Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy, Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, and Keith Buckley and Josh Newton of Every Time I Die has proved to be a successful one. “Ironiclast” will put a smile on your face that you wont be able to shake even after the record is finished. By the second spin, you find yourself singing along with the huge hooks, and insane choruses. With songs like “Bad Blood” and “A Great Reckoning” (which are my two favorites off the record) you cant help but sing along with Keith Buckley’s incredible vocal melodies.

One thing that is so great about this record and this band is that it allows its members to step outside their comfort zones and the stereotypes that have been placed upon them by their previous projects. Keith Buckley proves that he is a legitimate vocalist as well as being and amazing lyricist. His voice fits perfectly with the tunes and his range is apparent in songs like “Friday Night (Going Down in Flames)” and “Little Darling”. His signature Everytime I Die voice comes through in the band’s single “We’ve Got a Situation Here” during the breakdown – and until that part you almost forget that Buckley is the frontman for this band.

Rob Caggiano, Scott Ian, and Joe Trohman have collectively put together some great guitar tracks that compliment one another perfectly. The dirtiest riff on this record is the beginning to “Black Heart”, it has such a thick blues southern country groove to it that you have to do a double-take. Trohman was the anchor in writing most of the songs and that in itself is a testament to his guitar abilities and will definitely allow him to move out of that misconception that he can only play in a pop band. Anyone who doubted this project because members of Fall Out Boy were apart of it are going to regret not giving this record a listen. Andy Hurley hits harder than most drummers in music today and that is evident throughout the record.

Caggiano and Ian also prove that with this record they aren’t only just thrash heads who only know how to play at super light speed but can effectively push forward and be successful with lighter songs. Their solos, along with Trohman’s throughout the record are also amazing. They never overpower or take anything away from the song and they do not demand that they be the forefront of the song. The solo on the opening track “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” and the track “Black Heart” are perfect examples. They are technical, smart and they don’t blow your face off with ridiculousness.

There are some really heavy moments on this record such as in the tracks “Ironiclast” and “Graverobber” but as a whole the album stays on a “rock n’ roll” level and because of that this is a great “rock n’ roll” record. The combination of all these musical minds has done music as a whole justice. The Damned Things is exactly what contemporary music needs today and although it may not appeal to the extremes on both sides of the music spectrum, it is still a beautifully constructed art. This record is such a fun listen and you can’t say that about a vast majority of music that is out there today.

1. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
2. Bad Blood
3. Friday Night (Going Down In Flames)
4. We’ve Got A Situation Here
5. Black Heart
6. A Great Reckoning
7. Little Darling
8. Ironiclast
9. Graverobber
10. Blues Having The Blues


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