Foo Fighters – Greatest Hits (2009)

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Music

Since many groups release “Best Of” collections after only a couple of albums, or more precisely, after a contractual break from their record company, I’m not a huge fan of “Greatest Hits” efforts. That said, I’m throwing this one out there to showcase one of – I think – the most important active bands going today.

While it was a contractual thing, the Foo Fighters released their Greatest Hits in 2009, with easily enough material behind them to justify such a release. Dave Grohl & band have always tried to comfort us with a warm glow of life after grunge, being amongst the forerunners of the modern-day rock revival.

A few gripes to deal with on this one:
1. It’s top heavy on the newer tracks (notably there’s no I’ll Stick Around or Resolve).
2. One doesn’t really need an acoustic version or more than one new track, at least, not at the expense of some of the earlier classics which would’ve more accurately rounded out the band’s career progression.
3. Yes – it’s a greatest hits. All of these songs made the band who they are (and most had accompanying videos), but much of the energy and power of Foo Fighters is a little lost in this collection.

But on the upside:
The Foo Fighters have had an illustrious career. Grohl’s attempt to continue in music post-Nirvana has been nothing short of a smashing success. The listener will probably remember every song on this album (save the new tracks) – and while most bands issue a “greatest hits” as an obituary, it should come as no suprise that Grohl will be releasing a new Foo Fighters album in the Spring of 2011. I truly hope that the Tom Petty-esque “Wheels” – the new song off of this collection – is not a sign of what to expect from the band moving forward. Grohl is at his best when it’s frantic, loud, and guitar heavy, and with former guitarist Pat Smear returning to the band, good things are bound to result. Stay tuned.

Overall, this CD is a solid collection and perfect for casual listeners who like the radio singles and aren’t more deeply involved in the band’s music.

1. All My Life
2. Best Of You
3. Everlong
4. The Pretender
5. My Hero
6. Learn To Fly
7. Times Like These
8. Monkey Wrench
9. Big Me
10. Breakout
11. Long Road To Ruin
12. This Is A Call
13. Skin And Bones
14. Wheels
15. Word Forward
16. Everlong (Acoustic Version)

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