Hinder – All American Nightmare (2010)

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Music

December 7th saw the release of hard rock band Hinder’s new album “All American Nightmare”. Critic’s reviews of this band’s past two releases have been mixed, but being that the band impressed me live last year at 2010’s Rock Jam, I figured I’d give this release a chance.

Hinder has been known since their beginning for catchy hooks, sing-a-long choruses, and songs about partying. That formula remains intact on this release. While I usually like my rock a little heavier, Hinder has a knack of drawing you in and grabbing a firm grip. You don’t turn it off because – well – it’s really not that bad.

The major drawback this band has is that it has borrowed far too many tricks of the trade from the hair-band generation. Simple lyrics, simple riffs, and lots of chords. Today’s rock music has seemed to ebb towards deeper lyrics, more complicated structure, and an all-around “something different” to attract the listener. Where similar bands (Buckcherry/Shinedown/Alter Bridge) have expanded both musically and lyrically, Hinder stick to the formula that got them to the dance.

It’s not the smartest music, and if you really wanted to dissect it, you would probably find enough flaws to consider it a disaster – but “All American Nightmare” isn’t made for that. It’s simple mission is to make you tap your feet, sing along, and relax.

Check it out for yourself with the download link below

01 – 2 Sides of Me
02 – All American Nightmare
03 – What Ya Gonna Do
04 – Hey Ho
05 – The Life
06 – Waking Up The Devil
07 – Red Tail Lights
08 – Striptease
09 – Everybody’s Wrong
10 – Put That Record On
11 – Good Life
12 – Bad Mutha Fucker
13 – Put That Record On (demo)
14 – What Ya Gonna Do (demo)

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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