Saw 3D – The Final Chapter (2010)

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Movies

Last Halloween brought another – the seventh and presumably last – “Saw” movie in theaters around the world, and the DVD and BluRay version was made available last week.

Saw 3D means to tie up all the loose ends of the franchise, just like its producers promised fans months before release. Because of it, a stranger to the series (or even someone who’s only seen 1 or 2 of the films) will be out in the dark for most of “Saw 3D.”

Luckily (or not – it’s all a matter of perception), there’s a lot of gore and flying body parts to compensate for that.

“Saw 3D” opens with a scene from the first film, where Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes), the first survivor ever of the heinous Jigsaw, chooses life by sawing off his foot. Dr. Gordon, the viewer finds out towards the end, is instrumental in the aforementioned tying of all loose ends.

The next scene is perhaps the smartest in the entire movie, even smarter than the death traps that writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan created, which, though terrifying, seem to be lacking originality, compensating for that in terms of the damage they can inflict.

As two men are chained to two buzzing saws, they must decide whether to kill each other or choose to set themselves free by murdering the cheating woman they’ve both been dating, who hangs above a third saw.

Unlike previous Jigsaw killings, this takes place not in some abandoned derelict building but in plain view, in some sort of glass cage in an open mall. In what is the series’ most bitter – and accurate – social commentary, terrified shoppers take out their camera phones to record the gruesome choice of the two guys trapped inside.

The lesson of the film is delivered through Bobby (Sean Patrick Flanery), a man who’s made a fortune with his book “S.U.R.V.I.V.E: My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw,” in which he tells the world how he had to accept he had to physically damage himself in order to be reborn. The problem is, he’s not telling the truth.

But all that’s about to change and he’ll (predictably) be given the chance to test how far he’d go in terms of physically harming himself to save those closest to him, in what producers have promised fans would be the last “game” ever.

Loose cannon detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), the one follower Jigsaw would have wanted out of the picture from the start, is also back but, this time, he’s out to do some wrapping up of things for himself. In other words, he wants his revenge at Jigsaw’s widow, Jill (Betsy Russell).

The Jigsaw himself also makes a brief appearance, as John (Tobin Bell) goes to an autograph signing lesson and meets Bobby. (As a side note, this few-minute cameo is more eerie and unsettling than the entire series of traps devised for Bobby’s “rebirth.”)

“Saw 3D” has lost all touch of humanity the previous films in the series had, and of which viewers still got a glimpse in “Saw VI.” Moral lessons are now merely excuses to show torture and gory scenes, because, clearly, there’s not a single winning situation (for the trapped one) in the entire film. It’s a shame, too. I really enjoyed these movies from the beginning of the series, but the last couple have left me a little disappointed.

There is a slight window of opportunity to relaunch the Saw storyline, based on the happenings at the end of the film – but I think that’s a long way off – if ever. If you’ve seen all previous six offerings, you can’t quit now – but it’s my opinion this could have been quite a bit better. Decide for yourself through the download links below.

IMBD: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (AVI): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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