South Park – The Coon and Friends (Season 14)

Posted: February 3, 2011 in TV & Webisodes

One of the best things on tv last year was a three-part South Park episode titled “The Coon and Friends.

The superhero world has always been open to tons of parody, and creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker jumped on the chance with this trilogy of episodes.

The Coon first premiered on South Park shortly after President Obama was elected into office. That episode aired in October 2009. The premise involved Eric Cartman fighting crime in South Park under the disguise of a raccoon which looked like half-Wolverine, half-Batman. The irony of a “coon” saving the world, as well as the political, marginally racist parallels were a work of genius. You can view the original Coon episode Here. It was easily the best episode of season 13.

When Season 14 started in 2010, there was no sign of a Coon return (even though the original episode left the audience hanging to the identity of another character “Mysterion”.) I thought that Stone and Parker had probably received to much grief from Comedy Central to pursue the storyline (based on the hidden racial commentary).

But on November 19, 2010, the Coon returned in the 11th episode of the season. This time, virtually the whole South Park gang had taken on superhero identities and had formed an alliance to right the world of its wrongs. The storyline continued over three episodes, and frankly, they were epic.

South Park has always been on the cutting edge of television, and I applaud the creator’s willingness to attack social issues with serious intent, yet keep the show laughable and juvenile at the same time.

I highly suggest watching these three episodes (as well as the original Coon episode above) not only for the entertainment value, but for the hidden message behind these cerebral offerings from two of the best minds on television.

Season 14, Episode 11 | Watch “Coon2: Hindsight” Here.

Season 14, Episode 12 | Watch “The Rise of Mysterion” Here.

Season 14, Episode 13 | Watch “Coon vs. Coon & Friends” Here.

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