Machete (2010)

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Movies

“Machete” started out as a joke between Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, was teased as a trailer in the Grindhouse double-feature, garnered a lot of interest, and was eventually made into a real movie. The film stars Danny Trejo, who plays the Machete character.

A girl is kidnapped by a drug lord, and Machete takes it upon himself to rescue her. In the beginning, things do not go as he had hoped, and his wife is killed in front of him and he is left to die himself. After three years of rehabilitation from the event while in America illegally, Machete becomes involved in another plot against his life. It is in America that he is approached by a man who offers him $150,000 to kill a senator. Machete never planned on killing the man, but was setup and becomes a fugitive.

The rest of the movie follows Trejo as he tries to deal with his need for revenge against the drug lord that killed his wife, and the fact that he is a fugitive who is wanted for the murder of a senator. The movie is action packed, and Robert Rodriguez’s style shines throughout the film. At only an hour and forty five minutes, it is well worth anyone’s time.

The flick has the same over-the-top violence that Rodriguez has come to be known for. It has the 70’s exploitation feeling behind it. It is what “The Expendables” should have been. It is not the greatest movie that Rodriguez has ever been behind, but it certainly gets the job done and makes for an entertaining watch. After all, the movie really started out as a joke and a cheap-looking pretend trailer…

Packed with appearances from several Hollywood a-listers, Machete is an entertaining slug-fest that will please fans of action movies, and fans of Tarantino and Rodriguez as well.

IMBD: Link | Official movie site: Link


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