Beavis and Butthead Return – Summer 2011

Posted: February 3, 2011 in TV & Webisodes

Break out your Metallica and AC/DC t-shirts.The gods are smiling on us today. An old high school and current Facebook friend (Steve Kuhns) alerted me to some earth-shattering news today that I felt compelled to share.

Various media sources have today reported (and confirmed in MTV’s upfront media presentation), that Beavis and Butthead – the animated MTV series airing from early 1993 to late 1997 – will be revived in 2011. New episodes will begin airing on the network in July. The revival marks a triumphant return for the foul-mouthed high-schoolers that were one of the most successful cable-only shows of our time.

It was Beavis and Butthead that taught me the importance of being lazy, the humor in a groin kick, and the true appreciation of heavy metal. After all, how would I have known Winger’s Seventeen was “Joey Buttafuoco’s theme song” had not Butthead told me?

Mike Judge, creator of the cult movie Office Space and the animated series King of the Hill will be back at the helm, promising to keep the show’s original style, chemistry and integrity in tact. Will they be as fresh and obnoxious as the originals? Probably not. But it will beat the piss out of having to watch the same five Jersey Shore episodes over and over.

Welcome back, boys.

Wiki: Link | Watch tons of episodes online: Link


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