Mr. Big – What If… (2011)

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Music

In 1991 Mr. Big stormed across the world with their hit single “To Be with You” which skyrocketed to #1 in 15 countries and has since become a staple on every hair band ballad collection being sold on late night television. Despite some great albums, the original Mr. Big lineup never quite reached the pinnacle of success in America. Not long after 1991 ended, so did their career in the U.S. Long since forgotten in their homeland, Mr. Big literally hit it big across the Pacific and have carved out a pretty solid 20 year career in Japan. The band comprised of all original members (Eric Martin on vocals, Paul Gilbert on guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass and Pat Torpey on drums) have reunited and just unleashed their first studio release, with the original lineup, since 1996’s Hey Man (which wasn’t even released in the United States).

What If takes the listener on a raucous ride through a forgotten time of excellent musicianship, great vocal harmonies and the feel good Kodak moments of life. You won’t find any earth shattering or ground breaking material on this release, but what you will find are well crafted songs with strong vocals, some gnarly bass playing by Sheehan (one of my all-time most regarded bassists) mixed with plenty of tasty licks by Gilbert all locked in step with the top notch drumming of one of the best timekeepers in the business in Torpey. Eric Martin sounds as good today as he did 20 years ago, and the entire package is tight-as-a-drum perfection.

Whether this interests you from a nostalgia standpoint, or you are just looking for a great rock album – What If delivers…

01. Undertow
02. American Beauty
03. Stranger In My Life
04. Nobody Takes The Blame
05. Still Ain’t Enough For Me
06. Once Upon A Time
07. As Far As I Can See
08. All The Way Up
09. I Won’t Get In My Way
10. Around The World
11. I Get The Feeling
12. Unforgiven

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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