Mudvayne – Mudvayne

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Music

With all the horrible music that has infiltrated the scene over the last 14 months (Lady GaGa, Justin Beiber, Jonas Brothers, etc.), I will forgive you if you missed this release.

Illinois’ own Mudvayne snuck this gem out in December of 2009, and honestly it is close to the band’s best work. Gone is the makeup and the “We’re from another planet” bullshit. Gone is the effort to try to be the weirdest thing in nu-metal.

Instead, vocalist and main writer Chad Grey put together eleven solid tracks of hard rock. There’s a strange combination of hard and soft to this CD, but you rarely notice the difference from start to finish – the whole thing plays out as a true sonic experience worthy of high rotation on your iPod (everyone has an iPod, right?)

Chad Grey is also part of the band HellYeah – another of my faves – with Vinnie from Pantera, but more on that in a later post. This offering from Mudvayne is best served up loud, so open the windows and let the world in on a great CD from a great band.

1. Beautiful And Strange
2. 1000 Mile Journey
3. Scream With Me
4. Closer
5. Heard It All Before
6. I Can’t Wait
7. Beyond The Pale
8. All Talk
9. Out To Pasture
10. Burn The Bridge
11. Dead Inside

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