Filter – The Trouble With Angels (2010)

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Music

One of my favorite releases from 2010 was Filter’s The Trouble With Angels. I have had a soft spot for this band since their inception, but – even as a huge fan – admit that their last couple of albums have been below standard.

Like many bands, Filter’s legacy began to deteriorate with lead singer Richard Patrick’s descent into substance abuse. Patrick, however, has sobered up and is ready to regain his status as one of rock’s best frontmen. His struggles with substance abuse are apparent in this record. The lyrical content is deep, dark, and reflects the struggles Patrick endured on his road to recovery.

The new album finds Filter at the top of their game. Not since the album Short Bus (which featured the single “Hey Man, Nice Shot”) has the band sounded this tight. The album has rock anthems (“No Love”), industrial pounders (“The Inevitable Relapse”) as well as the near-ballad radio songs (“Fades Like a Photograph”).

This is a great return to form for Filter. It comes in deluxe format (with bonus CD included), and comes highly recommended from this author. Easily one of the best 2010 releases.

01 – The Inevitable Relapse
02 – Drug Boy
03 – Absentee Father
04 – No Love
05 – No Re-Entry
06 – Down With Me
07 – Catch a Falling Knife
08 – The Trouble With Angels
09 – Clouds
10 – Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel)
Bonus CD:
01 – The Inevitable Relapse (Clayton Worbeck Mix)
02 – Drowning
03 – Shot from the Sun
04 – My Life Before
05 – Plume

Official Website: Link | Wiki: Link


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