Alter Bridge – III (2010)

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Music

Alter Bridge first surfaced quietly in 2004 after Creed and frontman Scott Stapp parted ways. Remaining members – lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips – opted to start a new band (instead of just replacing Stapp in Creed). With new lead singer Myles Kennedy in tow, the band released two albums, One Day Remains and Blackbird, that had moderate commercial success.

The release of III on October 8, 2010 marked a bit of a change for the band. With the previous two albums having strong Christian overtones, the band toned down the “singin’-for-jesus” for III. Not surprisingly, the album has been the best-selling and best-reviewed of the three.

If guitar rock is your style, you can’t afford to miss out on Alter Bridge. They have honed their professionalism on all instruments, and their cohesiveness live is unbelievable (see video below). The new album showcases the heaviness this band can throw at you, while still featuring the amazing, blues-influenced vocals of Kennedy. III made tons of top ten end-of-year lists (despite it’s late-in-the-year release date) and has been touted a “masterpiece” by ArtistDirect. Strong words and stronger praise for an album this author simply thinks is a “must-get”.

1. Slip to the Void
2. Isolation
3. Ghost of Days Gone By
4. All Hope Is Gone
5. Still Remains
6. Make It Right
7. Wonderful Life
8. I Know It Hurts
9. Show Me a Sign
10. Fallout
11. Breathe Again
12. Coeur d’Alene
13. Life Must Go On
14. Words Darker Than Their Wings

MySpace: Link | Wiki: Link | Download (320kbps): Link


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