Futurama: The Movies That Saved The Series

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Movies, TV & Webisodes

August 10, 2003 was one of the saddest days of my life. I sat with tears in my eyes, watching what was sure to be the last episode of the short-running tv show Futurama. With average-to-below average ratings, Fox cancelled the Sunday night show without much pomp and circumstance. In fact, only fanboys like me that scoured the internet for all things Futurama were even aware of the cancellation.

The end of the series came as a bit of a suprise. The show’s creator Matt Groening had already filled Fox executive’s pockets with his hit animated series The Simpsons, but the lack of ratings took Futurama off the air. The show had always received great critical acclaim, but in the world of network tv, the only number that counts is ratings.

The show aired in rerun format on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim from 2003-2007. High ratings on the reruns (the show aired at 12:30 in the morning) revived the interest in the series, and four feature-length movies were made for straight-to-DVD distribution, with the first one released in March of 2008, and three subsequent releases following every six months.

Sales of the DVD were at such high levels, that Comedy Central entered into a contract with the creators of the show and 20th Century Fox to continue the series, calling for 26 new episodes. Thirteen episodes (Season 5) began airing Wednesday night on June 24, 2010. More episodes are scheduled to begin airing this summer.

The movies are available for download below, and are all the typical, fantastic journey that I have grown to love. Because of these movies, I will get to keep on loving the show for years to come.

Download Bender’s Big Score | Wikipedia: Link

Download The Beast With A Billion Backs | Wikipedia: Link

Download Bender’s Game | Wikipedia: Link

Download Into The Wild Green Yonder | Wikipedia: Link


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