Lamb of God – Hourglass (The Anthology)

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Music

Back in 1995, I was working in a little record store in Denver, CO when I stumbled upon a CD from a band called Burn The Priest. I had never heard of them before, but the album cover (click to view) was awesome. I was just getting into real heavy metal at the time, after years of Poison, Dokken, Ratt, and all the other 80’s bands that had grown decidedly old.

After the first listen, my musical taste was changed forever. I eagerly awaited a new album from the band. Years passed until 2000, when the band, under the new name Lamb of God released it’s debut album New American Gospel. American Heavy metal had a new contender to the throne.

Countless tours and five albums later, Lamb of God has risen to the top of the heavy metal world. Their unique style and vocals have won fans over worldwide, and have thrust the band into legendary status held by few, if any, groups in the metal scene.

Unlike many of their American counterparts, Lamb of God produce an excellent live show, staying true to their metal roots, while somehow capturing the audiences with their stage presence and musicianship. Often compared to such legendary acts as Slayer and Pantera, LoG has brought their own style to the prom we call heavy metal, and I’ll take the first dance.


01. Black Label
02. Ruin
03. Bloodletting
04. Pariah
05. Resurrection #9
06. 11th Hour
07. The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion
08. As The Palaces Burn
09. Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard
10. Lies Of Autumn
11. O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.
12. Suffering Bastard
13. Vigil

01. The Passing
02. In Your Words
03. Hourglass
04. Walk With Me In Hell
05. Contractor
06. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
07. Descending
08. Set To Fail
09. Blacken The Cursed Sun
10. The Faded Line
11. Dead Seeds
12. Redneck
13. Laid To Rest

01. We Die Alone
02. Shoulder Of Your God
03. Condemn The Hive (Wrath Japanese Bonus Track)
04. Another Nail For Your Coffin
05. Nippon (Japanese Release Track)
06. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For (Rehearsal Demo)
07. Hourglass (Rehearsal Demo)
08. More Time To Kill (Rehearsal Demo)
09. Dead Seeds (Rehearsal Demo)
10. In Your Words (Rehearsal Demo)
11. Leech (Burn the Priest Tour Tape version)
12. Salivation (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version)
13. Lame (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version)
14. Duane (Burn The Priest Tour Tape version)
15. Ruiner (Burn The Priest 7 inch)
16. Ballad of Kansas City (Burn the Priest 7 inch)
17. Suffering Bastard (Burn The Priest 7 inch)
18. Preaching to the Converted (Burn The Priest 7 inch)

Download: Here

Wikipedia: Lamb of God


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